It has been so many times we look at our walls with empty space here and there. We stare at them and wish to fill them with decorative and artistic things. People tend to use macrame wall hangings on the wall. What about you? Do you need other options instead of them? You can use it to make a decorative wall hanging for our space. Read this article further! You will find DIY wall hangings that look so creative and chic. Hopefully, you will get more inspiration.

DIY Heart Rocks and Sea Glass Mobile

Diy heart rocks and sea glass mobile


What a beautiful wall hanging! You can make it at home. Let’s gather the supplies. You will need thick driftwood, at least nine heart-shaped flat stones or sea glasses, craft wire, a finishing line, a drill, clippers, scissors, and a wooden dowel. See the tutorials on how to make this nautical heart rock hanging here.

Jumbo Pom-Pom Wall Hanging

Feel free to customize the size and color, but we think it will be better in jumbo style. The pom-poms look so adorable in pastel colors. However, you can use bright hues too. You will need lots of yarn. Mix it with wool, pieces of cotton, and acrylics. Grab hangers, scissors, and pom-pom hangers. Check out the tutorials here.

Layered Wooden Wall Hanging

What do you think of it? If you love natural things for your decor, try this craft. Layer some wood, paint them, and add stickers to create a dramatic effect. Get to know the tutorials on how to make this wall hanging here. Then, customize it with your personal touches.

DIY Wooden Dowel and Vine Hanging

How pretty this wall hanging is. You can make it soon with affordable supplies and tools. It looks nice to attach this to the bedroom wall. You will need at least three wooden sticks, a string, brass spray paint, twigs, a drill, sandpaper, and paint tape. Start by cutting the wooden dowel to the same length. Then, make holes. See the tutorials here.

DIY Faux Fur Wall Hanging

Having these wall hangings will make your room elegant and unconventional at once. Look! They fill the empty space on the wall without breaking up the room theme. You can customize the design, size, and color. Adding some decorative items like a pom-pom, yarn, or other things will be nice too. Check out the tutorials on how to make this wall hanging from Ajoyfulriot.


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