Whether you want to make a small macrame hanging wall or a more colorful one, it only needs simple skills. Adding a number of textures to your wall will improve its look. Sure, making a macrame hanging wall will not spend a lot of money. Since you have a free time, make some macrame crafts for your decor. In this article, we do collect some lists to inspire you. Let us check them out further below!

Boho Tassel and Beads

Boho tassel and beads


Look at this awesome macrame hanging wall that will not only improve your decor but make you more creative. It is made of wooden beads and tassels. This macrame style works well for almost any home style from traditional to modern.

Gorgeous Dreamcatcher

This pretty look macrame hanging wall will give a simple touch to your room decoration. The creator makes it from a hoop with a simple texture. No one will deny the beauty of this creation. Sure, you can put this anywhere in your house.

Hanging Wall With Diamond Pattern

Diamond patterns will not make you upset. Look at this macrame that shows how creative you are. In this term, you will need more time to make but the result will be awesome. Hang this macrame on your home office wall to get a warmer atmosphere.

Braided Macrame Hanging Wall

Beautify your wall with this braided macrame hanging wall. See how cool it will be on your wall with white color. So, it will match with any home decor you choose. Feel free to customize the color and size as you wish. Make sure you create this in your free time.

Wonderful Feathers for Your Wall

Cute macrame feathers might look pretty to fill your empty wall. Customize the size and color as your need to attain a pretty wall decoration. Creating this simple but mind-blowing craft is not a big deal. You only need to be able to make the braided part.

Bohemian Macrame Wall Hanging

Pay attention to your living room wall decor! See the wall that will look more interesting if you add this bohemian macrame wall. The pattern looks simple but eye-catching with faux green leaves. What do you think?

Pretty Macrame Hanging Wall

Installing this cute patterned macrame hanging wall will improve your room decor. This project is perfect for the one who loves a bohemian tone in a modern style. You can make it smaller and try other colors to fit your room style.

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