Don’t forget to collect some seashells if you go to a beach. You can craft them into several more interesting things. Whether you want to make mermaid accessories or fishy friends, you are free to use as many seashells as you want. Bring the magic of the ocean to your creative projects with seashells. In this section, we give you our seashell crafts idea to inspire you more. Check them out further below and decide what craft you want to make soon.

DIY Mermaid Crown

Diy mermaid crown


Collect as many as possible seashells to make this pretty DIY mermaid crown. Then, you may add some glitters to make it shine. Attach those seashells by using hot glue and let dry. Then, this crown will make you look like a real mermaid.

Sheasells Necklace DIY

Imagine that your kid wearing this awesome necklace for a summer party. Does she look beautiful? Of course. It is made of stone and seashells that attach to each other. We love the color combination that looks magic.

DIY Cute Fish

We need more seashells to make this DIY cute fish. A bigger seashell as the body and other small seashells as the flippers. Then, add a plastic eye to make the fish look cute and eye-catching. Feel free to customize the colors.

Beautiful Mermaid Necklace

With a seashell, you can make an awesome necklace like this. Other essentials that you have to prepare are a glass gem, hemp cord, and glitter glue. Make this easy DIY necklace with your kids and see they love the necklace.

Seashell Turtle for Kids

This is a super easy craft that anyone can make. Even a DIY newbie will finish this in less than an hour. It made of a seashell painted in green. Then, take green paper to make the legs and hands. Don’t forget to add the eyes as well.

Seashell People DIY

Your kid will love these cute seashell people too. Look at the expression and skirt that so cute. Ask your little girl to make this craft with you. Then, see how beautiful her happy face seeing these seashell people.

Mosaic Seashells

This craft looks so complicated but it can be done in a day. You need to know how to measure how much cement and water you need. After that make a round base or any shape you want. Then, add some seashells with more color variation.


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