Sitting in the garden while seeing the blooms is quiet and relaxing. However, the price of outdoor sitting seats will be pricy. What about making an outdoor chair with old things in your warehouse? Look! Is there any bucket, metal bed frame, or other materials that you think are repurposable? Check out our list below! We have gathered DIY garden seats that will add eye-catching additions to your outdoor areas. They are easy to recreate and use affordable supplies.

DIY Cement Block Couch Planter

Diy cement block couch planter


Use cement blocks to make a couch. It will take several minutes to wait for the block dry. Oh, you can buy the ready-cement blocks to ease you. Arrange them to design the couch you want. Then, add poufs and pillows.

Garden Bench from Repurposed Chairs

You will need two old chairs. Unite them into one bench. So, it will give you a new garden seat for your outdoor area. Look! Even you don’t have to buy new materials. Make sure that you have at least basic woodworking skills.

DY Garden Bench from Flower Pot

If you have an extra flower pot, we can repurpose it as a garden bench. Close the top of it with round plank wood or other similar things. Then, add the pouf or pillow. So, you can sit on it. See! It looks like a new stool, right? Make sure that the pot is big enough.

Old Tire Garden Seat

What do you think of it? A garden seat from an old tire. It’s amazing, huh? You will need rope to cover the entire surface of it. Then, add the pillows. It’s nice to have this pretty seating item in the garden. Furthermore, it will be durable no matter what the weather is.

Bucket Garden Seat

It’s brilliant! How can a 5-gallon bucket become a garden seat? Well, it is not tricky at all. Get a bucket and add the pouf on top of it. Make sure that you choose the big one. It will not break when someone sits on it.

DIY Metal Bed Bench

Don’t throw your metal bed frame. Anyone can change it to a new garden bench. What do you think? Take the headboard and use it as the back of your DIY bench. Combine it with a wood pallet. Feel free to paint it with your favorite color. Put it in your garden! Then, ask your friends to sit on it together while talking about the weather.

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