Miss tropical atmosphere? Well. It is time for you to bring it to your home. Can we? Yes, of course. Tropical themes are about a warm and natural look. In this case, we need something to give those feelings into our home decoration. We can use bamboo. It is a natural choice that is durable, lightweight, and renewable. So, we will give a different touch to our decor with DIY bamboo projects. Dare to know more? Check out our list below! We have gathered incredible bamboo projects to copy.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Bamboo wind chimes


Adding bamboo wind chimes will remind you of the beauty of tropical areas. It shows a warm atmosphere. The sounds might not be like their metal counterparts, but they are still wonderful to hear. Make bamboo wind chimes not hard at all. You can do it with your kids this weekend.

DIY Bamboo Lampshade

Makeover your old lamp with a new lampshade! It is not a common way to change it with bamboo, but you will see it is beautiful. Bamboo brings fresh, modern, and sleek designs that break the traditional and monotonous tone in your decor.

Hanging Wall Planter

What about this hanging planter? Do you adore it? Make this hanging wall planter with bamboo sticks, wire, and coconut coir. Make sure you have the tools like a knife, glue, and paint. Create this project by seeing the tutorials fromĀ DIY Enthusiasts.

Bamboo Storage Idea

Brilliant. Bamboo seems like a pipe. We can use it to make DIY storage items. In this case, we use it for storing school items like pens, pencils, glue, a ruler, and more. Doing this project might need several minutes. However, you will love the result.

DIY Bamboo Chandeliers

If you want to add a modern atmosphere, this bamboo chandelier might be what you need to own soon. It looks so elegant to hang on the ceiling. You will need a wheel, rope, bamboo, and candles or LED lights. Make bamboo chandeliers in your version.

Indoor Miniature Hanging Garden

You will need bamboo sticks and rope. Cut out the bamboo into half pieces. Tie them up vertically. Then, add soils and plants. Hang this mini garden in your nook. Then, you will get it to grow up and bring a natural feel into your home.

Bamboo Decorative Vase

You can use a bamboo stick to make a flower vase. We will not need to change anything. Just put on the flower. Then, let it stand on the desk. It will show a pretty natural look. Beautiful, huh?


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