10 creative diy clay flower pot craft ideas

10 Creative DIY Clay Flower Pot Craft Ideas

Adding some details for your clay pot will actually upgrade your garden look. It will dramatically change the view of your house to be more impressive. Your clay pot flower will be one of the best interesting vies of your house. Just one of the best DIY clay flower pot craft ideas below;

Creative diy wine bottle ideas for garden to try(1)

Creative DIY Wine Bottle Ideas for Garden To Try

If you have many unused wine bottles at your warehouse, you can transform it into a better thing. Collect some wine bottles and clean it. With the touch of creativity, those unused bottles will be useful for your garden. Here are some creative way to use wine bottles for beautify for your garden;

Cabana longue ideas

8 Fantastic DIY Outdoor Cabana Lounge Ideas to Try

Summer will begin soon. Get ready to make your own cabana to enjoy the season. You will need more time to make cabana by yourself. Nevertheless, the result will surprise you. Nothing more challenging than you can do something useful for yourself. Here they are, some cabana ideas that can be made by you to face summer.

8 Cool DIY Garden Bed and Planter Ideas

There are many ways that can be done to make a planter. When you do not want to collect a lot of pots as rhe planter in the garden, you can make a bed that can grow many plants in it. In this post, you will find some ideas of design with various shapes and materials. It’s simple and easy to make by yourself, even there are some simple designs that can be done in a day. Let’s check it out!

The easy fire pit

11 Incredible DIY Fire Pit Ideas for Your Yard

Fall is coming. What do you like to do this autumn? May be one of you like to read the book inside, listening to the music by walking around, or even sitting at yard while enjoy a fire pit? If you like to gather with your family in front of a fire pit, you can choose one of these styles.