Liven up your day with clay creations that are no limit. Clays are versatile. You can use them to make anything you want. They are easy to shape and color. Anything you make from clays will be more durable. Start by making something that you will use in your daily life. Or, you can make anything to upgrade your room decoration. Check out our list below and get more inspiration. We have collected clay craft ideas to bring your style to the next level.

DIY Hairpin Moon form Clay

Diy hairpin moon form clay


Let us do some magic steps to make hairpins. First, we need to combine white, silver, and black clay. Twits them and roll them continuously to get a marble effect. When it has become a ball of clay, it is time to shape it into moon shapes. You can choose quarter moons that look more attractive. Then, bake at 350 degrees for ten minutes. Continue to fridge it afterward for about 5 minutes. The last, attach the hairpin using hot glue.


DIY Clay Lamp

Making a lamp from clay is easy and fun. It will not need much money. You can choose pastel color clay. Then, cover the entire mason jar surface with it. Then, stamp on stars, moons, or other shapes you want. Let it dry completely. Add the bulb and switch it on at night. You will see a beautiful lamp with wonderful shades.


DIY Plaited Planter from Clay

What do you think of this plaited planter? It looks so beautiful, huh? Make this clay by rolling out long thin pieces. Put three together and plait them all. If you have enough long pieces, use them to wrap the terra cotta pot. Then, let it outside under the direct sun to get it fully dry out. Then, use it to plant succulents, herbs, or cacti


DIY Clay Pinch Pot

Making clay pinch pots is not tricky. Make bowls from clays. Let them dry under the sun, or you can bake them in an oven. After that, you are free to paint them with any color you love. Use your creative mind to design the most beautiful pot in your version.


DIY Faux Ceramic Ring Cone

Let us make this craft! First, take the clay and roll it into a ball. Do it until you get a cone shape. Let it dry under the sun. Once it is ready, you can paint it using white spray paint, white acrylic paint, and black acrylic paint. 

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