Decorating your home from up to bottom is remarkably expensive. Moreover, it will hard also for you as a beginner. Thus, here we have selected ideas to refresh and update your home decoration in budget-friendly ways by having some DIY home decoration projects.

Scallop Wall

Scallop wall Beginner-Appropriate DIY Project To Refresh Your Home Decoration


Look at the gorgeous scallop wall there. It looks so captivating where you can prove to create a statement wall without a ton of effort. The tools you need are an ink pen, scissors, a scrap of cardboard or thick paper to make stencil, jigsaw, sharpie metallic pen, a roll of sandpaper, and mounting tape. When you take a picture in your bedroom with this scallop wall, it will surprise people what a creative idea is this.

Wall-Mounted Easel

Wall-mounted easel Beginner-Appropriate DIY Project To Refresh Your Home Decoration


Do you have kids at home who has a habit of writing on the wall? You can have this easel that can be attached to any blank wall, doubling it as a fun place to put your kid’s art on display or you can also use this as your grocery list in plain sight.

Secret Shoe Storage

Update your home by keeping your entryway clutter-free by covering shoe cubbies with a fabric table skirt. You can dress at the top of the table with trinkets, flowers, and other decorative accents.

Faux Concrete Wall

One of the ways to refresh and update your home in a budget-friendly way by creating a faux concrete wall. You can bring different textures into your space by painting a concrete-inspired wall. After that, you gather grey paint, a dry paintbrush, and lint-free cloth. Then, follow a forgiving buffing technique decoration until you get your desired look.

Half Painted Art

Here, you can go halfsies on paint in a variety of coordinating paint colors. It can turn garage-sale art into a bold color block display. You can see a different way to display painted art that also interesting to be shown in home decoration.

Nautical Vase

This nautical vase is so pretty. Here, you can jute rope turns a cheap vase into a statement piece. Then, simply, you can hot glue jute rope around a vessel for a beach-ready look.

Patterned Dresser

Patterned dresser Beginner-Appropriate DIY Project To Refresh Your Home Decoration


Presenting a chest of drawers with new hardware, wallpaper, and paint is so exciting. Moreover, a medley of wallpaper samples can get the job as a thrifty solution. You can cut the wallpaper to size, attaching with wallpaper flue, paint frame a subtle high-gloss shade, and screw on chic pulls.


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