Have you ever been in a situation when your toilet has stopped? 

A quick trip to the washroom followed by a single flush, and boom… there’s a clogged drain or, even worse, an overflowing toilet. Well, now that you’re finding a plunger, you become aware that you don’t have one at your place. However, the problem doesn’t end here because you can’t find a plumber close to your area that very day.  

That seems trouble from everywhere, you sigh to yourself!

Now that you’re wondering about the solution, you come across an article that tells you to get creative. Yes, reading on, you realize that you can actually unclog a toilet by using some materials that are already available in your cabinets until a plumber arrives and eases your problem. 

So, what’s holding you back? Let’s get going with discovering what these ar

  • Heat Wave:

Your best bet after coming across a nasty clog is filling a pan with hot water. 

All you’ve to do is heat up the water on the stove or use hot water from the tap. However, make sure that the water doesn’t get to the boiling point. Once you have water heated to the desired temperature, slowly pour it down the drain or let it sit for a few minutes. See if it loosens the clog. 

You’ll know your efforts bear fruits when you see the water start to drain. Now flush the toilet once or two. Usually, hot water is enough to break up everything that causes a clog. 

  • Dish Duty:

Do you need to kick the unclogging process up a notch? Well, now that you’re wondering what to do when you can’t find a plumber, an expert solution is your dish duty. However, speaking to your plumber over a voice call, he asks you to indulge in a dish duty as a reliable hack. He asks you to follow some vital steps like – just ensure borrowing some dish soap from the kitchen and squeeze the same in a generous amount. Generally, around ¼ cup suffices your needs. 

Now let the soap sit for around 5 to 10 minutes to have enough time to move down the drain and reach the clog. Now repeat the previous process by adding hot water again to the bowl. Note that it shouldn’t be boiling water and give it some time to sit. 

Primarily, dish soap works wonders in acting as a lubricant and greases the clog in the toilet drain. Believe when the plumbing experts say that it helps in getting everything moving once again. By doing so, you’ll temporarily fix your problem until the plumber comes and finds a permanent solution for you. Following his directions, you’ll have some relief until he finally arrives at your place. 

  • Brush Battle:

This DIY may seem a little unpleasant to you, but if you’re already in a bind and you don’t have a plunger, grabbing a toilet brush may be the best thing to do. Just angle your bristles down the drain and try pumping it in the upward and downward direction a few times. 

The best thing behind this not-so-good thing is that it helps loosen things up so that the clog clears in no time. 

  • Vacuum Valve:

Well, this should be your last resort. If nothing seems to work, try renting a wet/dry vacuum from a local hardware store. 

The plumbing experts emphasize just one aspect- DO NOT USE A REGULAR VACUUM. 

Now that you have a wet/dry vacuum as recommended, ensure using it to empty the bowl. Now wrap the hose in an old rag to create a seal. Stick the wet/dry vacuum a few inches down the drain. Turn on the vacuum, and you’ll see that it sucks the clog. Again, never forget your rubber gloves. 

Key Takeaways- Don’t Miss

Do you want a clean, tidy, and more organized home? 

Scrolling the internet, you’ll be able to find some tips, tools, and bright ideas to get you going for the following cleaning session. All these DIYs can go a long way in helping you find a temporary solution to your problem until you find a professional plumbing service and attain a sigh of relief with a permanent solution. 

Fingers crossed, which you may never want to encounter anytime soon. 


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