Some people think their cars are like the living room in their homes. They spend much of their time in it every day. If you are one of them, pay awareness more to your car. Don’t you want to make it a second place in your life? Make it cozy by adding a car freshener. This way will give you relax and get you back into a good mood. Buying a car freshener in a store is easy and affordable. However, most of them use chemicals. Let’s make homemade car freshener!

Homemade Wooden Car Freshener

Homemade wooden car freshener


In the car, you might smell something bad. Make it cozier by adding a homemade wooden car freshener. You will need a thin wooden ornament, twine, carrier oil, essential oil, a small glass dish, a small paintbrush, and a sandwich-size Ziploc bag. Start by mixing the ingredients in a small bowl. Then, apply it to the wood. See the tutorials here.

DIY Natural Air Freshener

Look at the natural air freshener bag in the car. It looks so stylish. First, make the bag using the patterned fabric you have; an old scarf or handkerchief. Then, put your favorite aromatic herbs. Then, you will feel like your car is home. Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Lemon Car Freshener

You will need yellow felt, green felt, craft glue, twine, a hole puncher, and scissors. Then, make a faux slice of lemon. Grab lemon essential oil and drip it onto your orange felt. Hang it on your car. You will get a fresh smell all day. See the detailed instruction here.

DIY Bottle Car Freshener

It looks so cute to hang a small bottle of car freshener on your car, right? Mix denatured alcohol and the essential oil of your choice. Making this homemade freshener is not tricky. You can finish it in less than an hour. Read the tutorial further here.  

DIY Felt Flower Car Freshener

Let’s make this car freshener soon. You will need a free printable template of a flower petal you choose. Then, grab colored felt, colorful buttons, needles, thread, elastic cord, and essential oils. Choose lavender, lemon, or anything. Start by creating the felt flower, drop some essential oil on it, and hang it on the car. Check out more tutorials here.

DIY Lovely Lavender Sachet

You don’t need hours to make this lavender sachet. You can do it in minutes. Get a tablespoon of dried lavender bud, fabric, scissors, sewing thread, and a sewing needle. Make the sachet by cutting the fabric into heart shapes. Then, add the buds.


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