Using perfume to keep us smelling nice is a must. We can’t go without it. Sometimes, it can make us feel better. No one loves bed smells. What perfume do you like? We can find many commercially branded perfumes, but they might contain ingredients that trigger allergies. Be careful in choosing them at the store. If you want to feel free from that kind of thing, why don’t you make a DIY project for your own perfume? It will allow us to control the level, so it will not be very strong. Check out DIY perfumes below!

Homemade Jasmine Perfume



Do you love Jasmine? Use it to make perfume. You will need two tablespoons of vodka, a tablespoon of distilled water, thirty drops of jasmine essential oil, five drops of lavender essential oil, and five drops of vanilla. Mix them all in a bottler or sprayer. Then, it is ready to use.

DIY Essential Oil Roll On

Some people prefer spray perfumes. However, trying a roll-on will give you a new experience. See this perfume that looks so cute in a stick. You can have it soon. Get roll-on vials, 20 drops of essential oil you like, and almond oil. We believe you can finish making this perfume in less than an hour.

DIY Vanilla Body Spray

If you love the smell of vanilla, use it to make a perfume. You can combine vanilla with coffee essential, sweet orange essential oil, or ylang-ylang. You will need at least 16 drops of vanilla oleoresin, ¼ cup rum, vodka, and any essential oil you like. See the tutorials from Mommypotamus and make a DIY vanilla body spray in your style.

DIY Perfumed Body Powder

It is so practical. Using perfumed body powder will make you smell nice all day long. You can use it before going to the office too. If your office forbids you to use perfume, you can try this body powder. You will need a large glass jar with a tight lid, two cups of pure, a cotton ball, and your favorite essential oil. Check out the instructions here and try.

DIY Citrus Essential Oil Perfume

For the one who loves citrus smells, this perfume will interest her. Making a spray perfume using citrus is a good idea. Prepare the tools like a ceramic bowl to blend the ingredients, a dark glass container to store, and a pretty glass perfume bottle to keep it. Then, get a tablespoon of jojoba oil, two tablespoons of pure alcohol, thirty drops of essential oil (sweet orange, peppermint lavender, and grapefruit), and a tablespoon of distilled water.




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