Don’t cry! Broken plates, mugs, or glasses will be great in other ways. You can’t use them to eat or drink, but they are great for making beautiful home accents. Let’s turn old broken dishes into new things for your decor or daily style. It’s time to trigger your imagination and creativity. Turn trash into treasure. Check out our list below. We have gathered DIY things from broken dishes into new things. Read further and get more inspiration to create your version.

Stepping Stone Mosaic from Broken Plates

Stepping stone mosaic from broken plates


Let’s use crushed crockery to make mosaic stepping stones. Get a concrete stepping stone, cover it with a layer of mortar, and add the broken dishes. Allow it to dry. Fill the space in between with grout. Let it dry for a night. Then, you will see a beautiful stepping stone for your garden. Make as many as you need.

Beautiful Pendant from Broken Dishes

Isn’t it beautiful? This pendant is made of a piece of a broken plate or tea cup. Shape it into a heart using glass cutting tools. Then, frame it using aluminum foil. Attach on a jump ring and a chain. Add beads to make it more eye-catching. You can do it in minutes.

Admiring Wall Art from Broken Plates

Isn’t it awesome? You can make this craft by hand. Shape the broken piece of plate. Get a Styrofoam, cardboard, or wood as the base. Paint it like a blue ocean. Then, attach those broken pieces using glue. Design it as you love. In this picture, we see a beautiful beach view. You can create the same.

DIY Backsplash from Broken Dishes

What about this kitchen backsplash? It looks so admiring. Layer the backsplash with mortar. Attach the broken dishes. Fill the space with grout. This way is amazing! You don’t have to buy tiles for your kitchen backsplash. Perfectly, it is affordable for anyone.

DIY Ring from Broken Tea Cup

Don’t throw away your broken tea cup. It will be much better to turn it into other pieces. In this case, we show you beautiful rings. Cut the broken dishes using a diamond blade saw. Shape into a circle, rectangle, or anything you love to make your ring. Check out more here.

DIY Table from Old Broken Dishes

Well. It is so incredible. Dare to make it? This table has many broken dish pieces. First, layer the table with mortar. Arrange those pieces on it beautifully. Then, fill the space with grout. This table is perfectly artistic.




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