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DIY Gorgeous Faux Fur Bag Ideas to Make for Everyday Style

Do you need a new bag? Buying it might cost you much. Well. A branded bag will always be expensive. Think about faux fur. You can use it to make a beautiful DIY bag that works well for any occasion. You can grab it to go to a party, office, or for everyday style. Let’s see our list below! We have collected DIY faux fur bags to inspire you to create your version.

DIY Faux Fur Clutch

Diy faux fur clutch


What do you think of it? Rather than buying a new faux fur clutch, it will be better for you to make it by hand. Let’s gather the materials. You will need an old navy envelope clutch, a quarter yard of faux fur fabric, sharp scissors, marker, fray check, fabric glue, and a heavy book. Start by tracing the outline of the bag on the fur. See more tutorials here.

DIY Upcycle An Old Bag Into a Faux Fur Bag

This beautiful faux fur will make you look stylish anytime. Let’s gather the supplies. Get faux fur fabric, fray check, fabric fusion tape, and scissors. Start by tracing your bag on paper. Use traced circle pattern to cut the faux fur fabric. Then, check out more detailed instructions here. You will see this faux fur bag is easy to make.

DIY Faux Fur Handbag

What a pretty bag it is. You can own this as soon as possible without spending much money. Let’s start by gathering the materials first. You will need a purse frame, fur hide, lining fabric, chain for the strap, beads, and nylon cord. Prepare the tools like paper, pencil, rulers, scissors, sewing machine, marking tool, and awl. Check out the tutorials on how to make this DIY faux fur handbag from Howdidyoumakethis.

DIY Versatile Faux Fur Bag

It is a glam faux fur bag that you can use any moment, even for a party. Do you believe that this bag is easy to make? Let’s try, then. You will need pins, fabric markers, glue, and a sewing machine. First, cut the lining and the faux fur. Make the lining smaller than the faux fur. Pin it and sew. See the tutorials here.

DIY Reversible Fur and Leather Easy Tote Bag Pattern

Clean your leather bag and turn it into a new look. You can choose faux fur fabric in any color you like. Then, prepare a sewing machine, acrylic rule, dressmaker shears, and vinyl leather purse straps. Start by cutting the pattern. Follow more steps here and make a DIY tote bag with faux fur in your version.


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