The more lamp, the brighter your home. However, too many lamps will turn our home look like a disco. Why don’t you try an infinity mirror? It will give our space a fun feeling without overwhelming light here and there. Furthermore, it creates a light-up optical illusion that looks like we are in another universe. Are you ready? We have collected DIY infinity mirrors to bring our home to a futuristic there. Check them out and get more inspiration to upgrade your room decoration!

Easy Mega Infinity Mirror



Brilliant! It is not an easy project regarding the result. However, it is worth trying at home. We will need clear acrylic, one-way mirror window film, a wooden frame with LED Christmas lights on the inside edge, and backing. Start by cutting the boards and building the frame. Check out the instruction more here.

DIY Full Length Wall Mounted Infinity Mirror

Let’s make this infinity mirror this week. We will need a mirror size 183X61 cm with a 3mm tick. Get a silver mirror, LED strip lights, key music remote controller, four pieces of aluminum angle for the frame, a sheet of pressed cardboard, wooden strips, and wall hooks. You can get those materials from a DIY store. Check out the step-by-step tutorials here.

Small Framed Infinity Tunnel

Making a small framed infinity tunnel is not as tricky as you think. A DIY newbie can make this lamp too. You will need a wooden bar size 80cmX3cmX1cm. Grab a copper wire, 20 LEDs, a semi-reflective mirror, an ordinary mirror, a DC transformer, and glue. Get the tools like a saw and soldering gun. Start by cutting the wood bar to make the frame. Check out more instructions here.

DIY Infinity Mirror Clock Alarm

Let’s make your clock alarm look awesome. Prepare the tools and materials. We will need an alarm clock, tint film, LED strips, a mirror that fit the clock, and a USB cable. Get the tools like pliers, screwdriver, drill, cloth, scissors, and knife. All of them are affordable. You will only spend about $20. Check out the tutorials here.

Rounded Infinity Side Table

Instead of a square shape, a round table looks interesting. It adds a modern feel to a room. Furthermore, it keeps the space looking larger. Now, it’s time to improve your side table into a new look. Add a mirror and some LED strips. Then, you will get a fabulous side table ever. It makes your bedroom spark at night without too many lights. Check out more here.


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