Your garage might become the only place with clutter here and there. Well. It’s not a new thing. We tend to forget our garage and let it be dull. Seeing a garage with unorganized gardening tools, machines, or anything will make you feel awkward. It will be better to do something with this messy space. Let’s get rid of clutter and make our garage look tidy. See our list below! We have gathered tips on how to organize anything in the garage. Read further and get inspired.

Garage Storage Above the Door

Garage storage above the door


Adding storage above the door is a smart way. You can use it as a storage space. You will need a 12” speed square, 3” screws, and a circular saw. Prepare grill, outdoor wood glue, table saw, miter saw, and wood glue. Start by securing a cleat to the ceiling. Check out more tutorials here.

Hang Magnetic Tools

Store your tools in accessible storage. So, you will find them easily. Let’s make a hanging magnetic tools storage! It is not a tricky project. You will need metal-based tools, like pliers and screwdrivers. See detailed instructions here and create your magnetic storage.

Paint Screwdrivers in Different Colors

It is not how many screwdrivers are, but how you can organize them properly. A garage might look so dull. However, you should clean all the clutter and save your screwdrivers in one place. Let’s make a wooden shelf and create some holes. Put each screwdriver on them. First, you should paint each of them a different color.

Make Wall Hook Storage

You will need big size hooks and attach them to the wall. Hang your tools on this new storage. Oh, you can hang a bike as well. This project might need professional help if you never do this before. You can try it but with more time. Are you ready? You can see the here for more details.

DIY Garage Storage Cabinets

Building a cabinet needs more time and money. If you are the one who can do the process until the end, go ahead. You will need wooden planks, nails, a hammer, a screw, a screwdriver, paint, a paintbrush, and other tools. Check out here to see more about how to make this cabinet.

Floating Shelf Garden Station

Let’s make a floating shelf in our garage. You can keep your garden tools without additional space. We do hope our storage station can save them. Then, we will not see any clutter in the garage space anymore.


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