It is time to create your own mirror yourself at home. The idea below is surprising to you that it will give you an extra gorgeous decoration look with the easy DIY mirror. Keep your reading, here.

DIY Plywood Floor Mirror

From Little To No Cost, DIY Mirror Ideas To Decorate Your Home


This DIY Mirror project is a great way to add some practical storage space to your room. The materials you need are maple plywood, pencil, tape measure, jigsaw, drill, screws, unframed mirror, and mirror clips. The solid piece of plywood makes for a strong, sturdy back for a minimal floor mirror. Last, you can have more space for accessories and perfumes.

DIY Copper Edged Mirror

From Little To No Cost, DIY Mirror Ideas To Decorate Your Home


It is a copper-edged mirror as a greater addition to your room or bathroom. Even though the essential materials for this mirror are copper wire and an unframed mirror, you will still need other basic materials to make the project come to life. The other materials are a tube cutter, leather cord, pliers, and copper clamp pipe fittings.

DIY Expanding Foam Mirror

Look at this foam mirror that will give you an extra gorgeous room presentation. You can get a polyurethane expanding foam and a mirror. After that, shake the can of foam vigorously and start shoving it to the edge of the mirror. Last, leave it to dry and add a coat of paint to it.

Infinity Mirror

The infinity mirror creates an optical illusion. It looks unique and inviting.  The supplies you need for this mirror are an A4 size picture frame, an A4 size mirror, LEDs, and mirrored film. For this project, make sure that the film is mirrored on one side and can be seen through the other side.

DIY Coved Mirror

These coved mirrors are created from reclaimed pine paneling that was pulled out during a renovation of a local church and reclaimed mahogany deck balusters that I also pulled out of the trash. After that, each section is glued up and then the coves were cut at an angle on the table saw and glued up again into the panels.

Pottery Barn Mirror

Before starting anything on this beautiful pottery barn mirror, we suggest you know the size of the mirror you want to make and thus will give the dimension of the mirror.  mirror After that, put it to the right of our window in our family room so it gives you more light and a wider space illusion.



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