Are you the one who spends hours in the car? Decorating your car to look charming will be nice, then. Seeing a car design with some ornaments will make us feel funny. Even though it is not wealthy enough, you will feel cozy because of the decoration. We need car charms with colorful touches to spruce it up. Let’s see the list below! You will see car charm ideas that might work well for your car. Read further and get inspiration to make car charms in your version.

DIY Turquoise And Peacock Feathers

Diy turquoise and peacock feathers


This beautiful car charm will improve your car decoration to look cozy. A bohemian ornament like this will remind us about the beauty of natural feelings. Let’s make it soon and hang it in our car. We will need strips of jewelry leather, turquoise heads, and peacock feathers. You will get it to ruffle lightly when the window is open.

DIY Car Charm with Stones and Fringe

This car charm will give some texture of glamour to your decor. When it sways and moves, you will see it looks so adorable. Combining purple tassels with an eye-catching gemstone is a great idea. You will need jump rings and a simple chain to make it. See the tutorials here and customize it to your style.

DIY Car Charm with Beads and Seashells

Let’s transform your car to look gorgeous with a DIY car charm. Prepare colorful crafting cords, gemstones, beads, and seashells. Combine them to make a beautiful car charm that reminds you about the sea. All the materials are easy to find and cheap. Check out the detailed instructions here and style it in your version.

DIY Hemp Friendship Bracelet Danglers

What do you think of it? Making this car charm is not tricky. You will need copper spheres, beads, and hemp twine. It will not only improve your car decor but also adds glam. Make it soon and hang it in your car. See how it moves and swings when the cars drive through.

DIY Mini Plant Hanger

What a pretty craft! Can you believe in yourself to make it? Well. Let’s try it this week! You will need a metal ring, cord, optional terracotta pot, and artificial plant. Start by making the macrame to hang it. To make it more adorable, you can add peppermint essential oil. So, it will refresh the air in your car. Check out more here to see how to make it.


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