Babies grow well with a lot of clothing every day. Parents should organize baby clothes and shoes to keep those easily accessible. They will keep those on the right track. With various sizes and colors, baby clothes can be so confusing. As parents, you have to organize them cleverly to simplify our life. In this article, we have collected easy hacks to make baby clothes, shoes, and everything look organized well in small storage. Check them out and get inspired!

Use a Cast-Off Bin

Use a cast-off bin


Be sure to leave space for a cast-off bin. It will ease your access to baby clothes. You will not disrupt other clothes. Consider making space for it when you build the closet. A cast-off bin for outgrown clothes is enough. You can remove it from the closet after your baby grows taller.

Separate Small Items

Don’t put all baby outfits in the closet. It will be better to separate small items, like socks and bibs. We can use a dollar store laundry bag. It will make it easy to get a pair of socks for our baby at the last minute. What do you think?

Fabric-Covered Storage Box 

It is a simple way to organize baby clothes. You will need a cardboard box. Cover it with fabric. Feel free to customize the pattern. You can try flowers, a zoo, fruits, vegetables, or others you like. This project is super easy, and we believe you can finish it in less than an hour.

DIY Rustic Baby’s Outgrown Clothes

Rustic storage items will give a different tone to your home. With wall-mounted baskets, you will save space. They look so decorative too. Keep diapers, onesies, and other baby essentials. Then, you get the room clean and tidy, and free from clutter.

DIY Drawer Dividers

If you can make DIY drawer dividers, you will save your budget more. You will need corrugated cardboard, an X-Acto knife, an adhesive shelf liner, flexible measuring tape, and a sturdy ruler. See the tutorials here, and make DIY drawer dividers in your version.

DIY Chalkboard Dresser

Applying chalkboard paint to the drawers is a great idea. Wait till all of them dry. Then, write down the label for underpants, t-shirts, long sleeves, pants, pajamas, shorts, and other baby clothes. You can easily access what you need in minutes. Easy, huh? You can finish this project in less than an hour. 

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