Do you want to have a new bag? Have you prepared the budget you need? Oh, see. You do not have enough money to buy a bag. Well. Some bags are expensive. They are displayed well in a big shop. Will we wait for the discount time? When? It will be much better to make a bag soon by having the DIY bag. Is it possible? Can we make a bag? Yes. Of course. We can make a bag of upcycling. Check out our ideas in the list below!

DIY Bag Made of Belts

Diy bag made of belts


What do you think about this bag? Cool, right? The crafter arranges some belts and attaches them by sewing. Then, use another belt, one or two, to make the strap. This bag looks expensive. No one notices that it was made of old belts. It will make you look stylish every day.

DIY Recycled Backpack

We will get it soon if we have the suit. Make this cool backpack from old cloth. Just make sure that the owner will not wear it again. So, you can cut it in strategic places to make the bag. Then, sew it to have a more durable bag. Feel free to customize the style of your backpack. 

Soccer Ball into Handbag

Soccer balls are made of high-quality leather materials. When you use an old soccer ball, you have owned the best material to make a bag. Then, style it in your personal touch to make a handbag. Cut it to make a hole for storing your small stuff. Then, add the strap. Follow the instruction from here.

Old T-Shirt Into A Cute Summer Tote Bag

Are you looking for a no-sew project that is easy to copy? Try this DIY summer tote bag. Turning an old T-shirt into a cute summer tote bag is a great idea. Just cut the lower part of your t-shirt into lines. Then, tie them. Booms! You get a new tote bag to carry food for a picnic. You can make it in less than ten minutes. 

Bag from An Old Book

How many books do you have in your bookcase? One of them might be in the leather cover edition. Guest what? Repurpose it to be a cool bag. If it already makes your bookshelves full, it’s time to change it to a bag. Take the inner part. Then, use the cover to create a new bag. Add the strap. Use it to carry the book you’ve bought from the bookstore.





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