Do you want to upgrade your bathroom decor? Or, you might just need to change your bathroom mat to make it more interesting. Whether you want a rustic style or a more modern one, bathroom mats are easy to make by hand. You can afford the material easily in the nearest store. Or, you can upcycle some old things in your storage. In this section, you will see inspiring DIY bathroom mats to copy. Check out them below!

Cool DIY Hand Sewn Terry Cloth Bath Mat

Cool diy hand sewn terry cloth bath mat


Combine a terry towel and other fabric you have to make this awesome terry cloth bath mat. This super simple project can be finished in less than an hour. If you prefer to use a sewing machine, it will be done sooner. Then, you get a new bathroom mat that is so cool.

DIY Crochet Faux Grass Rug

Use green yarns to make this awesome DIY crochet faux grass rug. Well, it might need crocheting skills but the result will be so incredible. It reminds us of the beauty of a natural jungle with green grasses and trees. You might need several hours to finish this project by the way.

DIY Chunky Woven Bath Mat

To get a luxurious feel in your bathroom area, this DIY chunky woven bath is what you need. Prepare fabric yarn and cotton yarn. Feel free to make it in one solid color or color combination as you like. It seems rather complicated to make than it actually is, but you will love the result.

DIY Patchwork Bath Mat

Do this project on the weekend and you will upgrade your bathroom decor soon. Find the old fabrics and cut them in the same size. Then, attach them to each other by using a sewing machine or by hand. This patchwork bath mat will work well for any bathroom decor from rustic to modern style.

DIY Pebble Bath Mat

Do you want to improve your bathroom decor to look like a spa? Try this DIY pebble bath mat this weekend. Buy the rubber base. So, it will not be slippery. Glue the pebble on the rubber base. Let it dry for at least one day. And, your new bathroom mat is ready to use.

DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

Another spa-look bathroom mat can be seen in the picture. It is a bath mat made of some wine corks. First of all, find the rubber base and glue the corks on it. Let it dry and it will be ready to use. So fun and easy, right?


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