Change a bathroom look that doesn’t have expensive accents. You are able to create DIY projects that can be finished in just a few hours. Use your unused materials or take some from a garage sale. Then, create simple projects to upgrade your bathroom decor. In this article, we have cool DIY projects that anyone can make them easily. Let us see further below!

Cool Copper Storage

Cool copper storage


With just this cool copper storage, the bathroom looks brand new. What do you think? The copper glass can be bought from a garage sale or in the nearest store. Then, assemble them on a wooden plank with hooks or leather.

DIY Mirror For Bathroom

See further at the mirror in this bathroom that looks so interesting. This nautical-inspired rustic decor will never out of date. First of all, you need to make holes in the mirror. Then, insert a jute rope to hang this mirror on the wall.

Rustic Towel Shelf

A rustic touch in the bathroom will add its interest. In this picture, we see a great rustic towel shelf that was done in a dark appearance. However, you can modify the shape and color according to your own style. Make sure to find strong wooden boards to keep it more durable.

DIY Wall Sconces

Enlightening is one of the ways to improve bathroom decor. Moreover, you will not spend much money here. It will be better for you to create the lights by your hand. This picture shows you beautiful mason jar sconces that can be made within hours.

DIY Sink From Vintage Sideboards

Do you want to buy a double sink for your bathroom? The creator of this double sink shows you that creating it might better. You can save your money and use the old vintage sideboard. Add two sinks on top of it and you will get this amazing furniture. However, it needs a high skill to do.

Wooden Stamp Vanity Space

What about this minimalist vanity design? If you want to have it for your bathroom, you can create this alone as long as you have a basic skill about it. Create a hole in a wooden log to put on the pipe. This vanity design is so stunning. Make sure you even check the bathroom tiles if it matches with the wooden look of the vanity. If you wish to change it, then take help from the professionals for bathroom tile installation and find out the one near you who can do it hassle-free.

Industrial Style Sink

This sink provides hot and cold water. The countertop made of reclaimed woods. Further, the sink looks so nice with a white surface. For the one who loves natural touches, this sink design is so interesting.

Still need some more ideas in your bathroom decor?

If you’re still not satisfied with it and want to add some more in your bathroom, you can hire a reputable and experienced home contractor. You can click . To know more about it. Home contractors are specialized in this and can change the complete look of your bathroom. Let’s make it the best with the awesome and creative ideas.

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