Do not blow away your empty pill bottle and make the smart DIY bottle. You can actually create a good thing from an empty pill bottle. All ideas are collected in DIY Smart Ways To Reuse And Repurpose Empty Pill Bottle.

Interesting Lamp

DIY Smart Ways To Reuse And Repurpose Empty Pill Bottle


It is a modern-looking lamp made from reused pill bottles and the larger size will work best. This would look great simply hanging on a wall as an interesting feature of your home. Here, you will need empty pill bottles, LEDs, and an old windshield wiper. Besides on the wall, it will also nice if you put it on the table.

Growing Plant

DIY Smart Ways To Reuse And Repurpose Empty Pill Bottle


A pill bottle like this is a fun one for the kids as their crafting project. Kids will be able to watch the roots and plants grow through the transparent pill bottle. Once the plant has outgrown its little container, you can also show the kids how to transplant it to a bigger pot.

Plastic Jewelry

We might never have thought of cutting up the plastic bottle to make jewelry. Eventually, it is come out looking pretty instead of tacky!

Your Own Rainbow Crayon

Do you have a little kid than with a bunch of broken crayons? Then, the thin shape seems to be just too easy for toddlers to snap. Instead of wasting those broken pieces, melt them into a pillbox to make these awesome rainbow crayons. Thus,  the bigger size will suit your little tots so much better. The materials you need are 4 clean tin cans, 4 empty pill bottles (my local pharmacist gave me a few empty pill bottles for free), and old and broken crayons in 4 different colors.

Bamboo Vase

Have you ever thought that stacking empty pill bottles could result in this cool bamboo-looking vase? You can start by deciding how many Rx bottles tall you want them to be. Then,  drill flower-stem-sized holes in all but one bottle. Next, fill just the bottom compartment with water and add a stem or two of something minimalist spring bamboo.

Pill Bottles Snowman

Turn your empty bottles into cute little snowmen for Christmas! Besides, this is a great craft for the kids to get involved in. You can set them on your mantelpiece, in your kids’ rooms, or even hang them from the tree. The materials you need are an empty pill bottle, spray paint (white and black), vintage buttons, organic ribbon, two small twigs, a black permanent marker, hot glue gun.



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