Drinking a cup of tea in the morning might become a daily routine for people instead of coffee. We might find interesting myths and legends about this aromatic drink that show how wonderful tea is. A cup of tea will boost our mood and make us more relax because of the aroma. But, what about reuse and repurpose old teacups for other purposes. In this term, we can use teacups to decor our home. If you want to get more inspiring DIY teacups decor, check out our list below!

Teacup Wall Art

Teacup wall art


For the one who loves vintage elements to decor home, this teacup wall art DIY might be so inspiring. The old teacup is not used anymore. So, the creator uses it to make sumptuous wall art with a plate underneath. Then, it hanged on the wall.

Pendant Light For Teacup

In this picture, we see a gorgeous idea. There is a pendant light made of a teacup. This pendant light looks better to put in the kitchen. With this statement light, your room will appear more inviting. Furthermore, it is easy to make this simple DIY pendant with a teacup, tiny plate, bulb, and glue.

Teacup Jewelry Stand

You can use your old teacups or buy some cheaps teacups from a thrift store to make this simple jewelry stand. Feel free to customize the cups as you like. Put on the jewelry items in each stage. It will also function as a decorative accent.

Teacup Lamp Stand

Creating this teacup lampstand is not a hard thing to do even for a newbie. Just collect some teacups of similar sizes and arrange them vertically. Take a plate as the basic part of the lampstand. Then, put on the bulb at the pot of it. Sure, it will look awesome for your bedroom with a vintage feel.

Teacup Candle Holders

It will be so romantic to add some candle holders to your dining room table. Using old teacups to make candle holders will add personal touches and a vintage feel. Moreover, you will not have to spend a lot of money to get new candle holders.

Curtain Tiebacks From Teacup

The curtain might look so dull without curtain tiebacks. In this picture, we see a creative way to hold the curtain with a DIY curtain tieback. First of all, you need to hole the bottom part of the teacup. Then, hang it beside the window. Cool, huh?



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