Do your kids ask for new toys? However, you can buy even one for them. So, what will you do? We suggest you look around your home. Then, get some woods. Create kids’ toys with those woods. To create a wooden toy, you should be able to cut and paint. Well, at least you need to have basic woodworking skills. Then, prepare the tools like knives, screws, paints, brushes, and so on. Check out our wooden toys list below to get more inspiration.

DIY Handmade Puzzle for Kids

Diy handmade puzzle for kids


DIY puzzle in a form of pizza is so admiring. How can we say so? Look at the picture. We love the colors that look like real pizza. Ask them to arrange the pieces of a puzzle. The kids can play how to count with this pizza too.

DIY Wooden Toy Gun

Little boys love to shoot. Then, making a DIY wooden toy gun is fun. You will need one piece of wood to make the gun you like. And a few clothespins to complete the gun and make the target. Play these fun toys with your kids. It will treat them to be more focused. Even an adult will love to play with this toy gun as well.

DIY Pretty Dollhouse In A Box

Get a few standard power tools to make this pretty DIY dollhouse. This project will need several days. You should attach each item one by one. All the small things are available in a Dollar Store. Build the house and decorate it with some accents.

DIY Easy Wooden Toy Camera

Incredible! These wooden toys are like the real ones. Feel free to customize them in different colors. Toddlers and babies will love to play with this. They can pretend to take a picture of anything around them. It will be fun, we sure.

Amazing Wooden Chalkboard City Blocks

Cool, aren’t you? Making a city of your kids’ dream is awesome. Cut the wooden blocks you have into some buildings. Then, paint with chalkboard paints. Draw the building with chalks. And, you get a cool city with cool buildings. Complete it with faux trees and cars.

Oversized Tic-Tac-Toe for Kids

Tic-tac-toe is not a new toy. But, anyone loves to play it anytime. Creating oversized tic-tac-toe is fun. You can ask your kids to customize the pattern both of you like. Furthermore, you can give this toy as a gift for Christmas or other special moments.

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