Holidays give us more times to play with kids. It will be a great thing if you have many toys. However, it will not be a problem when you only have little toys. Nowadays, parents are more creative to make handmade toys that safe and useful for their kids. In this section, we have collected some DIY toy ideas that might inspire you to create DIY toys for your children. Most of them are easy to make even for a DIY newbie. Let us check them out further below!

Catch The Bee

Catch the bee


This toy will improve your kids’ motor skills. They can act as the bees and you become the flowers. Playing this game is not hard. The flower should catch the bees. Create as many flowers as you want. Use them to catch the bees and be the winner.

Marble Maze From Cardboard

This is a classic toy that anyone can play with easily. There are many styles on the internet but make it into a marble maze cardboard will look different. Use marble to play the maze. Feel free to customize the colors and shape.

Animal Farm Puppet

You need to prepare more papers to make these awesome animals. All of them can be found on the farm. Use pop sticks and attach the animals to them. Then, play with those animals with your kids to tell them about farming and teach them about loving animals.

Cute Dolls From Woods

Wooden peg dolls are perfect to play with. Creating them will be interesting to do this week. Dolls aren’t just made of a big factory. You can create your favorite doll by hand. These cute dolls are great and cute. Even, they look awesome to be displayed.

Amazing Cardboard Stackers

See this cool robot. It is made of some cardboard. The creators cut the cardboards into some pieces of the same size. Then, those cardboards are painted in various colors. The kids can make a robot, house, or anything with the cards they have. Awesome!

Cook and Eat

Playing “cook and eat” will make your kids happy. Those foods are easy to make. You can use paper, playdough, or felt to shape the foods you want. In this picture, the creators make sandwiches and eggs completed with sausage.

Cardboard Puzzle

What a cool puzzle, isn’t it? You can make this by hand using cardboard. Feel free to customize the shape as you like. Even, you can apply various paints.

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