Felt is a great, versatile fabric for making crafts. It is flexible and durable, and can be used for a variety of projects. Felt is a great way to make accessories and decorations for any season. Especially for this spring, you can use felt to make so many spring craft projects. Moreover, felt is a great material for beginners, teens, and children alike to make a craft, and it’s a great gift for any occasion. It sounds fun and exciting, right? You can make spring accessories and decorations with inexpensive and easy-to-find materials. So, it would be a fun way to decorate a spring home with handmade items.

Among the most popular felt craft ideas this spring are the flowers, and wreaths. But you can do more than that. There are lots of spring craft ideas you can make with felt. Making a garland from felt is one of them. This decoration will refresh the look of your door or wall this spring. In addition, making spring animal figures can be done with felt. You can make rabbits, butterflies, lady bugs, birds, sheep, bees, chicks, and so on using felt. Even spring accessories can be made with felt. You can make your own hairpin from felt in the shape of a spring flower or animal. There are so many possibilities with felt! You can create so many spring projects with it! Just get creative! The following ideas will get you started!

DIY Velvet Pom Pom Pillows from diycraftsy

DIY Felt Flowers from diycraftsy

Felt Flower Vases from diycraftsy

DIY Felt Palm Leaf Pillow from diycraftsy

DIY Colorful Flower from diycraftsy

Colorful Garland from diycraftsy

DIY Yellow Felt Flower from diycraftsy

Yellow Felt Wreath from diycraftsy

DIY Felt Lisianthus Flower from diycraftsy

DIY Rose Bud Bouquet from Felt from diycraftsy

Orange Felt Heart Pillow from diycraftsy

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters from diycraftsy

Orange Felt Flower from familyholiday

DIY Wreath Felt  from familyholiday

Large Yellow Flower on Pillow from familyholiday

Yellow, Blue and Pink Flower Wreath from familyholiday

Felt Easter Egg and Bunny from sortra

DIY Felt Buterfly from sortra

DIY Felt Carrot from sortra

DIY Flower Hairpin from sortra

Colorful Felt Bunny from sortra

DIY Yellow Flower from sortra

Felt Bird and Bunny Hairpin from sortra

White Felt Flower from sortra

Embroidery Flower Flower from artsycraftsymom

Hanging Flower Felt Wreath from artsycraftsymom

Felt Bow Wreath from artsycraftsymom

Colorful Felt Wreath from homebnc

Yellow Felt Chick Hair Grip from sortra

Felt Bunny and Chicks from sortra

 Felt Sheep Hair Grip from sortra

DIY Felt Bee from sortra

Felt Flower and Lady Bug Hair Grip Ornament from sortra

Felt Ice Cream Hairpin from sortra

Rustic Spring Wreath from thepioneerwoman

Felt Flower Wreath from thepioneerwoman

DIY Spring Flower Wreath from homebnc

DIY Felt Flower Wreath Decor from happyhappynester

DIY Felt Flower from happyhappynester

Felt Hydrangeas Wreath from happyhappynester

DIY White Flower from happyhappynester

Three Felt Flower Wreaths  from blog.birdsparty

Felt Flower Wall Art from diycraftsy

DIY Felt Scalloped Pillow from diycraftsy

Felt Bows from diycraftsy

DIY Succulent Felt Wreath from diycraftsy

DIY Felt Leaf Garland from diycraftsy

DIY Felt Calla Lily from diycraftsy

DIY Felt Pouch Tissue Holder from diycraftsy

Colorful Storage Boxes from diycraftsy

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