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DIY Creative Ideas to Upcycle Leftover Fabric Scraps That Easy To Do

If there are hundreds of leftover fabric scraps in your storge, it will be better for you to upcycle them by having the DIY fabric projects. Yes, you can use them to make anything. However, some fabric crafts will deal with your ability to sew. Most of them are super easy to do even for a DIY newbie. In this article, we are going to show creative ideas to upcycle leftover fabric scraps that might inspire you. Check them out further below!

DIY Easy Kid’s Belt

Diy easy kid's belt


It is something that we need almost every day. Not really. It will be worn if your kid needs to wear a dress that is too big for her. Oh, you can use it to make your little girl looks more stylish and chic. Yes. This kid’s belt will help you so much anytime.

DIY Cuddle Pillow


Combine various patterns in one DIY cuddle pillow looks very interesting. Even, you can make patchworks with it. Look at the cuddle pillow in the picture that seems so unique. You can make a cuddle pillow with your personal touches that show your personality.

DIY Super Easy Chapstick Holder

Whether it is chapstick or lip balm, you can make this craft in less than an hour. Sure, even you can finish it in minutes. Just take a few leftover fabric scraps you want. It can hold your tiny things and is easy to bring anywhere. Isn’t it cute?

Create Your Own Dishtowel Belts

First of all, you need to prepare a bit of fabric and some Velcro. Then, decorate your own dishtowel belts as you want. It saves your dishtowel from falling on the floor and looks so decorative. Your kitchen will look tidier. Sure… you can finish this craft in less than an hour.

Fabric Flower Accent Pillow

You will need more leftover fabric scraps to make this beautiful accent pillow. The petals can be made from one pattern or you may combine some patterns. One fabric flower will need several minutes depends on how creative you are and your ability to sew.

Homemade Pencil Case

What about this pretty homemade pencil case? You will find this kind of pencil case in the store near your house. Creating one by hand looks more special. It will show your personal touches, your interest, and your creativity. Creating this pencil case might need several minutes or even one hour. However, it will make you feel proud of yourself.


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