You might find more plastic bottles everywhere. Or, you might have them right now in your hand. After drinking Sprite, Fanta, or others you will have more plastic bottles. And, there will be millions of plastic bottles around the world. What are they for? Aren’t they only make the world looks messy? It is the right time for you to recycle them and make some creative projects. Check out our lists below to get more inspiring ideas to recycle plastic bottles!

Plastic Bottle Apple Containers

Plastic bottle apple containers


They look so cute to complete your desk decoration, aren’t they? You can have them as soon as possible if you want. Just cut the bottom part of unused plastic bottles. Add zipper around by using hot glue. Store any tiny thing inside and make your desk tidier.

DIY Bracelets From Empty Plastic Bottles

Cool, aren’t they? You can make them as well soon. Just cut a plastic bottle into some bracelets. Tie around with wool or other threads you have. It is free to mix and matches the color you like. Then, be more creative to make the patterns as cool as you can.

DIY Kitty Planters

These cute Kitty planters are awesome to be put on your tiny garden. Cut the upper part of the bottle you have. Sure, you can paint your bottles in white or other colors as you like. Then, draw Kitty’s face. And, they are ready to use. Plant flowers, succulents, herbs, or etc.

Plastic Bottle Fairy House

Bring magic things to your house by creating this fairy house. Make the door by cutting the bottle you have. You are free to repaint it or not firstly. Then, take another bottle and use it as the roof. Of course, you need to cut it first. Be more creative to make a magical fairy house like the picture.

Plastic Bottle Flowers

You will get an amazing view with these plastic bottle flowers in your front area. These faux flowers need not water. They will not die even if you don’t water them forever. This pretty idea works well for you who want to decorate your front porch in a unique way.

Plastic Bottle Into Earrings

Unbelievable! These cool earrings are made of unused plastic bottles. You can do so if you have leisure time. Cut the plastic bottle into some pieces and paint them in any color you like. Then, let them dry. Feel free to combine with other materials like stone, gemstone, or others.

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