A patio can be a fantastic place to spend your free time. The hard surfaces of the ground and the lack of cover make it an ideal spot to enjoy either open-air or winter sports, too. You can easily transform your bare and boring patio into a comfortable cosy retreat with some simple decor ideas.


Make sure that you have sufficient lighting on your patio and around it. For instance, you could install solar powered garden lights near the entrance to light up the pathways as well as any steps or stairs leading down from it. This will give your guests lots of options to move around safely after dark without having to stumble in the dark. 

Also, make sure there is ample lighting inside as well as outside so that people can easily see their way in and out. 


You can add life to your patio area by adding plenty of plants around the edges. Cacti with colourful flowers, which you can also use in your hanging flower baskets or in pots on the ground, look fantastic in a desert theme. 

You could also create a tropical garden effect simply by lining one edge of your patio with palm trees and smaller plants nearby. This will make it feel like an oasis no matter what time of year you decide to place them there. As the folks at Formboss’s tiered planters explain, a patio kitchen garden is great for growing vegetables, herbs and small trees such as dwarf apple or citrus varieties. If you have money, hire someone to come and install three-tiered planters.  These will be a very attractive addition to your garden, particularly if they are built from hard-wearing materials such as resin.

A Heater

A patio heater can be a very important addition for those of you who enjoy the great outdoors in cold weather. If you have one, consider arranging to sit around it so that friends and family can enjoy its warmth on chilly evenings. Also, think about adding an outdoor rug nearby so that they have something comfortable to place their drinks or even a book upon when sitting there. 

You could also build a fire bowl with an inset grill so that people can roast marshmallows or hot dogs over the flames during the summer months instead of having to rely upon the gas heaters.


If you live in a hot climate, it is essential that you have some means of cooling the air. For instance, you could plant trees or large shrubs along one edge of your patio to provide shade. This will be most effective if placed on the northern end.  

Also, think about investing in trellis curtains which can be drawn across when required for maximum shade during summer months and minimum exposure to both sun and rain during winter.


You can build attractive benches with sturdy wooden boards and make sure they are correctly fixed together using nails or screws. Don’t forget to add a cushion or two so that people can get comfortable when sitting there over a meal or while enjoying a glass of wine before going home at night. If the wood is not seasoned, you should add a couple of coats of satin or gloss varnish once they are built.  If you want to avoid the hassle of building your own benches, buy them ready-made. 

They can also be purchased with back support to make them more comfortable and may even come in certain shapes such as curved or circular. 


Make sure that you have a sturdy banister along the steps leading up onto your patio. If possible, try to make it curve slightly as this will make it look more attractive and elegant. Make sure that there is a solid foundation underneath so that people do not trip up when going up or down the stairs. You could even decorate this area with plants or tiles to make it look well-cared for and decorative at the same time. 


Many people enjoy listening to music outside during the summer months as it provides natural background entertainment from bugs, birds, and insects that would otherwise be heard during those times.  Consider purchasing a wireless system so that everything can be controlled from inside the house. You could even install a separate speaker near your table or a small barbecue pit so that you have music to accompany both food and conversation.

Cooking facilities

If you have a permanent kitchen elsewhere within your home, consider adding a small portable barbecue grill on the patio area as well as some chopping boards and knives. Although it may not be as convenient as cooking indoors, this will mean that you can take the party outside during those hot summer months when bugs are present and also enjoy eating al fresco with family and friends.


Create a cozy atmosphere by arranging some comfortable seating around the patio fireplace and place a few tools nearby for when it comes to shoveling ashes. You could also add a small gas fire pit if you feel that it will be more practical since they tend to provide more heat than their wood-fired counterparts. Furthermore, they can even double up as a grill during the summer months.



Consider adding a large TV near the seating area so that people can enjoy watching sports during those winter months. You could even consider creating an outdoor play space for kids so that they do not disturb others when playing loudly. If you have very young children, it is wise to keep toys away from the patio since they might fall off and injure themselves on the hard surfaces below.

Water Fountain

If a water fountain sounds appealing to you, place one at the front corner of your patio. This will add a touch of class and elegance which will be beneficial if you have guests around often. If space is scarce, consider adding a small tabletop model instead. 


Add stone tiles along with where people tend to walk more often. This not only makes the area look well visited, but it will also help to keep the floor clean at all times.

These top decor ideas will make your patio look fantastic and attractive to enjoy with family and friends. It doesn’t have to break the bank either since you can use them as a starting point if you wish. Just remember that it does not have to be perfect as long as your inspiration is coming from somewhere. If nothing else, just take the first step and see how good it feels when you get things done.

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