In making the DIY projects, there are some materials that possible to use. From all of the materials, the fabric is one of the proper materials. You can use the new one or utilizing your old fabric even from your old clothes. The use of the fabric itself is really flexible as you can create so many DIY projects with it. With different fabric types, you can choose the one based on the DIY project design where it could be pliable, stiff, thin, or thick. We have compiled 10 DIY projects that will be easy and cheap yet proper for your decoration or fashion needs.

Fabric-Wrapped Gift

Fabric is one of the materials that you can use for DIY projects at home. Try using cloth to wrap your gifts. Choose a patterned fabric so that it will make your gift look more attractive. You can also add accessories such as star ornaments and others so that it will look perfect. DIY Fabric Wrapped Gift from Papernstitchblog.

Fabric-Wrapped Bottle

You can use cloth to wrap whatever you want, one of which is the bottle. Wrapping wine bottles in cloth is one way to keep your wine bottles safe. Adding a ribbon as an accessory will make your wine bottle look more attractive. Fabric-Wrapped Bottle from Marthastewart.

Fabric Headband

Headband is one of the accessories that can enhance your appearance so that it looks more stylish. Try making your own headband at home to express your creativity. You can use patterned fabrics to make a headband so that it is easy to shape and looks more beautiful. Fabric Headband from Diys.

Tea Towel Bread Pouch

Using a cloth to make a bead pouch is an interesting idea which will save you more money. You can make this by sewing it into a pocket. Then add a ribbon on top after the bead pouch is closed so that it looks perfect. Tea Towel Bread Pouch from Marthastewart.

Canvas Log Bag

Try making your own log bag at home to express your creativity and at a low cost. You can use canvas fabric to make a log bag by sewing the edges of the canvas. Then add the holder to the canvas by sewing it so it’s easy to carry. Canvas Log Bag from Marthastewart.

Fabric Sachets

You can make your own sachets at home using sewn fabric. Then you can choose lavender as the filling so that it will give a refreshing aroma. After that, you can add ribbons to the fabric sachets so that it will look very attractive in a simple way. Fabric Satchets from Intimate weddings.

Tote Bag

Using fabric to make your craft is an interesting idea. You can use a white cloth to make a tote bag by sewing it. Then you can paint the heart on the front of the tote bag using watercolors so it will look really stunning. Fabric Tote Bag from Diys.


Doing a DIY project to make a pouch is an interesting idea to express your creativity. You can make a pouch using fabric by sewing it. Then you can add a zipper at the top of the pouch to make it look more perfect and keep your items safe in it. Blue Pouch from Marthastewart.

Fabric Covered Pot

Try decorating your pot to make it look more beautiful and attractive. You can do a DIY project to decorate your pot by wrapping it in cloth. Choose a floral cloth and attach it to the entire surface of the pot using glue until everything is closed so it will look very attractive. Floral Fabric Covered Pot from Ofdesign.

Fabric Bow

Doing DIY projects to make accessories is one easy way to complete your look. You can make a bow at home using a patterned fabric to make it look more beautiful. First, you have to prepare equipment such as cloth and ribbons then string them together and sew them into a beautiful bow. Fabric Bow from Sweetredpoppy.

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