Being a teacher means we have to be ready with great responsibilities. Especially if we become teachers for elementary school children. our responsibilities will certainly be greater, starts with teaching them about the character education, creativity, and knowledge that they will get in elementary school.

Garage is a space to do quick repairs and fix something. And there are so many materials, tools and equipment that you have and it should be well organized, otherwise you may leave with short storage space there that may cause problems. But buying a new storage to keep it all will break your bank account. Worry not, let’s make your garage space better and organized with these 8 DIY garage storage ideas to organize your equipment below to inspire you.

Summer is near. Many people are excited to welcome summer. All of us started to think about the summer vacation, party and many things. And we need a perfect summer vacation that will make everyone envy you and also memorable for ourselves. Just make it happen with these colorful DIY projects to make your summertime picture perfect below. 

Before you decided to decorate your rent house, get written permission from the landlord. With your agreements spelled out in ink, chances fare better that the lord of your manor will remember your pact, and you’ll move on to your next castle with peace of mind and, hopefully, a deposit fully returned. Be thrifty and beware of purchasing used upholstered items. Do accessorize by give an accent in lighting, curtains, rugs, plants, and else to fill your space with your personality. Check out these 10 easy DIYs to bring your rental home a fabulous look below.

There are so many options when choosing the right side table for your space. It can be made from wood, metal, acrylic, square or round, shelves or drawer, high or low, anything. First of all, you need to consider the height. The best one is the one that is easy to reach for setting a drink and else. Take a look at your existing furniture to decide which side table look that is suitable for your space.

The next one is consider the shape to bring balance to your space. Think about the storage and function that you want (depends on your need). If you think that you need extra storage, consider to choose side table with drawers or open shelves. Now check out these 7 easy DIY side tables to help you save the money below.

We always love to dine on a beautiful decorated table. The more the table looks pretty the more we enjoy the food. These ideas are all in in mission to make a spring, joyful table decoration and also to surprise and delight your family or guests. It will wake their positive energy and it will be a good combination with healthy vegetables and other groceries that spring is bringing. These creative craft are the best way to celebrate season.

Cork as a material has proven to be very flexible and resourceful. The cork board is the most popular product and there are many ways in which you can include it in your home decor. Although cork boards are designed for large offices, they can make great creations at home. This simple design can save space and help you avoid chaos at home. Most cork boards can be purchased from the store. But with a personal touch, you can turn your dull boring board into something spectacular.

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