The things that make a house look different are the ornaments. Evenmore, when the ornaments are handmade. This winter, we will find various room decorations with hundreds of ornaments. However, the one who loves decoration will add something special to his or her decoration. Adding DIY pieces will become what a designer chooses to give more personal touches. In this art, we will give you DIY project ideas to liven up your room. Check out further!

DIY Snowman

Utilizing plastic cups to make a snowman will present a very creative look at an affordable cost. Equipped with a scarf will make this snowman look more attractive. Plastic Cup Snowman from @simplyghen18.

This snowman ornament is made using white paper lanterns so it looks very beautiful. Decorated with string lights and hung in front of the window will make it the perfect window treatment. Paper lampion Snowman from @the_alien_giraffe.

This white paper tube is assembled into a showman that looks beautiful. The creator equipped it with a hat, scarf and three buttons on the front so it will look like a real snowman. Tube Snowman from @pernillasprojekt.

You can use a tin can painted white to make a snowman craft. Complementing it with earplugs and a scarf will make this snowman look even cuter. White Tin Can Snowman from @mimi_ks_creations.

DIY Cute Winter Votives

Take a glass jar and fill it with red berries to make it look lovely in winter. Then you can put the candles on top of the berries so they will look attractive. Placing it on the table makes it perfectly exposed. Berries Votive from @styledbynancyd.

This winter votive was made with a DIY project using mini glass and electric candles. Decorated with candy will make this votive look more beautiful and festive. Last place on the table and ready to enliven your home decor. Candy Votive from @estardesigns.

DIY Winter Wine Bottle Centerpiece

This wine bottle painted in gray will look more attractive and you can use it as a candle holder idea. The melted wax hitting the wine glass will give it an icy appearance making it perfect in winter. Wine Bottle Candle Holder from @sweetndesign.

Take a look at the wine bottles with a colorful lighted effect that will beautify the centerpiece of your table. Not only that, some winter-themed stickers affixed to this wine bottle will make it look even more perfect. Lighted Wine Bottle Centerpiece from @bogotalibrarynj.

Scarf Wreath

This Wreath is made using scarf material so it looks unique and different from usual. Combined with evergreen, it will make it look fresh and manage to steal the show. Scarf and Evergreen Wreath from @hummingbirds_and_honeybees.

Creative and inspiring. This Wreath made using a flannel scarf manages to present a creative and attractive look. Decorated with berries and hung over the front door would make it the perfect welcome. Flannels Scarf Wreath from @wreathsandwhimsy.

This scarf is strung into a wreath so it will look attractive and different from usual. The snowflake accent attached to this wreath will make it perfect in winter. Finally, you can hang it on the front door so that it can be exposed perfectly. Black Scarf Wreath from @autumnmadethat.

DIY Mason Jar Lighting

This mason jar filled with fake snow will create a lovely snowy look. Adding a candle inside will make this jar an interesting lighting idea in winter. Snowy Jar Lighting from @not.alice_.

Interesting right ? This jar filled with pinecones and string lights would be an interesting lighting idea in winter. Displaying it on the table will make it an interesting focal point and successfully steal the attention. Pine Cone Jar Lighting from @emmaesasa.
This large jar is decorated with a winter scene so it will make it look very attractive. Not only that, this jar is also equipped with a candle so that it will become a beautiful and attractive lantern. Winter Scene Jar Lighting from

Perfect in winter. This lighting is made using a white mason jar so it looks neutral. Several snowflake accents attached to this mason jar will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. Snowflake Jar Lighting from @lucyslovelylife9.

Paper Snowflake

This snowflake arrangement was made as a DIY project so it will present a creative and inspiring look. Placing it on a table makes it the perfect focal point and steals the show. Snowflake Arrangement from

This staircase decorated with DIY paper snowflakes will present an attractive winter look. Having a white theme will make it look more elegant and natural. White Paper Snowflake from @theyorkshirehomemaker.

This winter home decoration is complemented by snowflake accents so it will look more festive. This snowflake is made using paper material and pasted on the wall so it will look festive at an affordable cost. Wall Paper Snowflake from @ourwildleafranch.

This Super inexpensive project will give you great results. Snowflakes made using paper material have succeeded in presenting a creative appearance. You can hang it on the window so it will be the perfect window treatment. Snowflake Window Decor from @thisnew_oldhouse.

This snowflake craft is made using papaer material so it’s cheaper and safer for children. Sticking it on the wall will make your wall look more festive and will be the perfect focal point. Brown Snowflake Wall Decor from @with.marlena.

Snowflake Door Hanger

This door hanger has a shape like a snowflake so it will present the perfect winter look. Hanging it using Red ribbon will make it look beautiful and festive. Popsicle Stick Snowflake Door Hanger from

This front door is decorated with a snowflake door hanger so it will make the winter touch more real. Having a blue and white color combination will make this snowflake look very beautiful. White Snowflake Door Hanger from @monogrampaintparties.

This snowflake is made using thick red paper so it will look bright. Hanging it on your front door will make it the perfect greeter. Red Snowflake Door Hanger from @pinkelephantmonograms.

Beautiful and attractive. This door hanger has a snowflake theme, making it perfect for a winter theme. Made using white tinsel material it makes it look clean and brings out the perfect snowy look. Tinsel Snowflake Door Hanger from @filmshrew.

Complete the front door with a door hanger. A white snowflake door hanger hung on a black door will present a perfect monochromatic look. Hanging using wire will make it look more aesthetic. White Snowflake Door Hanger from @myminifrontporch.


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