The things that make a house look different are the ornaments. Evenmore, when the ornaments are handmade. This winter, we will find various room decorations with hundreds of ornaments. However, the one who loves decoration will add something special to his or her decoration. Adding DIY pieces will become what a designer chooses to give more personal touches. In this art, we will give you DIY project ideas to liven up your room. Check out further!

DIY Sparkly Branches

Anyone can make these sparkly branches to liven up their room. This is a super easy project that budget-friendly. Just take a branch from your garden. Glue all the surface and pour with glitter and other sparkling pieces.

DIY Cute Winter Votives

Diy cute winter votives

The room will look so romantic after you add these cute winter votives. Take a long glass or mason jar. Put on the candle inside. First of all, you need to attach a snowflake made of white paper to the glass. Put the votives on the table or anywhere you need.

DIY Winter Wine Bottle Centerpiece

This craft looks nice to be used for decorating a wedding party. Look at the wine bottles with a snowy effect that spruce up your table centerpiece. The owner uses silver branches to complete its look. The one who loves elegant pieces will adore this decoration too.

DIY Bleached Tablescape Kirtsy

This winter piece tells us more about a cool atmosphere. See the pine cone surface that looks bleached. It appears on a silver surface just like the snow outside. Put every pine cone on a glass. Feel free to use them as the centerpiece or display them on the fireplace mantel.

DIY Mason Jar Light for Outside Decor

What a beautiful lighting fixture here! The owner of this house applies this awesome light outside to spruce up the porch. Find out mason jars as many as you need. Then, add string lights inside to get them to sparkle at night.

Hot Glue Gun Snowflake

If you can make snowflakes from a hot glue gun, you will not lose your saving money. This super cheap project also gives you an awesome result. Just decide the snowflake shape as many as you need to decorate your room.

Snowflake Door Hanger

Snowflake door hanger

Get the snowflake from the nearest store or garage sale. Hang all of them on the door. Add a ribbon to make this ornament looks more interesting.

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