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Snowman Craft Ideas To Improve Your Winter Decoration

Winter days will not be fun if you just sleep all day and night. There are many things to do in winter that will make your days more interesting. Creating winter crafts look more fun rather than watching a movie. You can ask your kids to make snowman crafts. We guarantee that they will love this project. Here, we have interesting snowman crafts to complete your winter decor. Let us check them out further below!


DIY Snowman Wreath

Greeting your guests with this DIY snowman wreath would be a fun thing to do. This snowman wreath is made of burlap wreath embellished with snowman accents. Hanging on the front door will be the perfect greeter. Burlap Snowman Wreath from @bopsidoodle.

This wreath has a snowman theme which will make it look perfect in winter. The creators made it using white and black tulle so it would look beautiful with a monochromatic look. Tule Snowman Wreath from @beautifulmeshwreaths.

The pom pom snowman is strung together into a wreath so that it will present a unique and adorable look. You can hang it on the wall or on the front door so that it can be exposed perfectly. Pom Pom Snowman Wreath from @coastal.cottage.adventures.

DIY Snowman Terrarium

Simple and interesting! This Snowman terrarium is made using a glass jar to make it simpler. Not only snowman, here you can add white gravels and moss in this terrarium jar so it will look prettier. Jar Snowman Terrarium from

How about this DIY snowman terrarium? The creator added snow and a snowman in the glass. Not only that, the live plants in this terrarium will present a refreshing look. Snowman Terrarium with Live Plant from @carriegollerartstudios.

This terrarium was made using faux snow, and snow so it is suitable for the winter theme. Equipped with Santa accents, pinecones and artificial plants make this terrarium look more beautiful and very inspiring. Snowman Terrarium from @orchidsnmore.

Awesome DIY Wooden Slice Snowman


These two wooden slices of different sizes are assembled into a cute snowman. Complete with the face, and decorated with faux buttons, scarf, and earmuffs make it look perfect. Wooden Slice Snowman from @basteln_mit_kleinkind.

Who would have thought that wooden would be the adorable Snowman? Painted in white and complete with a face, this snowman looks attractive. The wood texture on the edge of this wooden slice succeeds in presenting an aesthetic appearance. Round Snowman from @atobcreations.

Snowman, which is made using wooden slice material, manages to bring a natural touch to your home. Painted in white and decorated with a scarf and buttons, this snowman looks perfect and manages to steal the show. Small Wooden Snowman from @ccjmt5.

DIY Yarn Snowman

These three small yarn spools stacked vertically make a creative snowman. The creator created the face, decorated it with buttons and a scarf so that this snowman looks real. White Yarn Snowman from @mariskaortiz.

Instead of being store-bought, this snowman was made on a DIY project using yarn and cardboard. It’s quite easy, here you only need to make a snowman using cardboard and cover it with yarn. White and Red Snowman from @preschoolforyou.

This white yarn made into a snowman craft looks very attractive. Decorated with colorful buttons and pink scarf, this snowman looks very beautiful and extraordinary. White and Pink Snowman from @playwith.evolette.

DIY Sweater Snowman

The Snowman craft made using a white sweater looks quite cute. The creator completed it with a plaid beanie, scarf and decorated it with buttons on the front making it look absolutely perfect.  White Sweater Snowman from @gilbert_marketplace.

These two cute snowmen were made using old sweaters so they match the winter theme. Equipped with a beanie and scarf will make this snowman look more perfect and managed to steal the show. Two Sweater Snowman from @sweetpoppycat.

Check out this extra cozy snowman made out of a white sweater. The creator added eyes, nose and mouth to complete the look. Decorate with buttons. Then, place this sweater snowman on the table so it will be the perfect focal point. Beige Sweater Snowman from @woodsywondersprops.

Cool Embroidery Hoop Snowman

Cute and adorable. This Snowman craft has a fairly small size so it looks cute and adorable. Made using a mini hoop will make this snowman look different from usual and managed to inspire. White Snowman from @onesavvymom.

Using an oval-shaped hoop to make a snowman craft is an interesting idea. Here you can attach a snowman made using fabric to the hoop so it will look attractive in a simple way. Oval Embroidery Hoop Snowman from @linzentart.


You only need one hoop to make this snowman craft. Then make a snowman pattern by way of Embroidery so it will look more creative. Also add three boots to this snowman craft to make it look more real. Embroidery Snowman from @cooper_embroidery.

Easy DIY Snowman Candle

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