Winter days will not be fun if you just sleep all day and night. There are many things to do in winter that will make your days more interesting. Creating winter crafts look more fun rather than watching a movie. You can ask your kids to make snowman crafts. We guarantee that they will love this project. Here, we have interesting snowman crafts to complete your winter decor. Let us check them out further below!


DIY Snowman Wreath

Diy snowman wreath

Welcome your guest with this DIY snowman wreath will be a nice thing to do. It is made of two wreaths that arranged vertically until it looks like a snowman. Add a black hat to get it appears more eye-catching for your front door.

DIY Snowman Terrarium

Diy snowman terrarium

What about this DIY snowman terrarium? The creator adds snow and a snowman inside a glass. Ask your kids to make this project with you. We guarantee that they will love the result. This cute terrarium will be great to put on your kids’ table.

Awesome DIY Log Snowman

Well. We tell you that a snowman doesn’t have to in white. This snowman is made of wood logs that tell us about a rustic style. Having this ornament in your home will give a simple touch that so interesting. Anything made of natural materials will appear awesome.

DIY Yarn Snowman Wall Art

Three round wires that covered well with white yarn can appear as great as this. Give the snowman a burlap scarf to get it like a real snowman in your garden. However, this one will never be melted. So, it can be used over and over again.

DIY Sweater Snowman

Look at this extra cozy snowman that made of a white sweater. The creator adds eyes, nose, and mouth to complete its look. Accessorize it with buttons. Then, put this sweater snowman on a Christmas tree or hang it by the window.

Cool Embroidery Hoop Snowman

You need three hoops of different sizes to get a snowman to look like this picture. Arrange them vertically at the nook. Add other accessories like a scarf, buttons, and a hat. Let the snowman stand-alone during winter.

Easy DIY Snowman Candle

Easy diy snowman candle

Mason jars are versatile. Take a mason jar to put a white candle. Then, add three buttons in the front part. Give a ribbon at the top part to pretend a snowman. Switch on the candle at night to enlighten your room.

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