In this coldest time of year, your baby is so little then they need something to warm them up inside home even when going for a walk. Obviously, baby items are some of the cutest things around but here we show you something more outstanding than that. Keep your reading on DIY Winter Blankets To Keep Your Baby Warm Even When To Go For A Walk.

Mermaid Tail Stroller Blanket

This stroller blanket is definitely lovely with the pod style pram blankets and cute character. This blanket is perfect for your 6-month-old baby. The supplies needed to create this are a mermaid tail template, ¾ yard cotton quilting fabric, ¾ yard flannel fabric, a scrap of sew-in interfacing, matching thread, and a fabric pen. When you have this blanket so you will never be worry anymore to get your baby to go for a walk.

Unique Bubble Quilt

Unique bubble quilt DIY Winter Blankets To Keep Your Baby Warm Even When Go For A Walk

See the smiles from cute baby there? This will happen to you if you start to create this quilt now. This quilt is absolutely worth it for your baby and super customizable. The supplies you need here are 16 different colors of scrap fabric, 1-yard Minky, 1-yard cheap crappy fabric, 1 ½ yard silky fabric for the ruffle, and some poly-fil.

Flannel Baby Blanket With Satin Binding

The supplies you need for this baby blanket are two 1-yard pieces of flannel, one package satin blanket binding, a sewing machine, marker or tailor’s chalk, scissors, and sewing pins.

Cotton Print And Minky Baby Blanket

This idea is quite cheap and simple for your winter project. Besides, it will also not too heavy to be used all year round. The supplies you need are 1 ¼ yard woven cotton print fabric, 1 1,4 yard Minky fabric, thread to match, and sewing supplies.

Crochet Petal Flower Baby Blanket

This crochet baby blanket idea is completely unique, soft, and beautiful. It can be the most amazing gift ever this season that so meaningful because it is handmade. The supplies you will need are a G hook, scissors, yarn needle, worsted weight yarn in 2 colors, and cascade 220 wool solids.

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