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DIY Dream Catcher for Your Gorgeous Home Decoration

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As the hanging ornament, a dream catcher has its own interesting side that will be quite different from the wreath or garland. It is believed that a dream catcher can catch the bad dreams and always bring the good dreams and hope for the one who displays it.

25 Creative DIY Letter Board Ideas You Can Copy

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For a simple yet meaningful ornament that you can make, the letter board is the right one. It can be written with a statement that really describes the theme you want to bring.

Make Some DIY Spring Ornament with these 15 Ideas

The easiest way to redecorate your house when the season changing (in this case is spring) is by providing the ornament. Not only easy, but also cheap because you don’t need to change the furniture that will be so much more expensive than the ornament.

85 DIY Colorful Spring Wreath Designs

In presenting the spring wreath, you’ll fall in love with the pretty colorful result. However, it is better for you not to apply too festive design if you don’t want to be seen too much. To overcome it, you can combine it with the calming stuff color like green foliage, brown warm twig or rattan, soft or warming ribbon colors and more.

Handmade Holiday Ornaments That Anyone Can Make Easily

Christmas Day will come soon. Have you prepared your home decoration with proper ornaments? If you haven’t, find out DIY ornaments inspiration from the internet start from now. There are various handmade ornaments that you can easily make and of course affordable. So, your house will look different with your personal touches.

21 Stand Out DIY Glitter Ornament for Your Home Decoration

Glitter has sparkling colors where there will be so many awesome DIY glitter craft you can make. Here, the sparkle is suitable to make the things even more beautiful. Glitter can make your furniture and ornament seem luxurious where it usually used to decorate candle holders, mason jar, plant pots and so on.