High-tech is one of the relatively new styles in the interior, an innovative trend in many industries, including architecture and interior design. It became most popular in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century after the huge technological boost and popularity of space travel. At first, high-tech was used only in architecture, but over time it began to be widely used in interior design. The interior, made in accordance with its requirements, will seem boring and monotonous to some. This is due to the rigor and rationality of the organization of the room, minimalism, and brevity of furnishings and accessories. Like a new step into the unknown, this style attracts bold and goal-oriented persons. It is all about your comfort and efficiency. However, high-tech is a dynamic style that suits people who are rapidly keeping up with the times.

“Ground Control to Major Tom”

High-tech carries within itself all the possibilities that modern technologies have opened up, which freed the interior and furniture from a rectangular grid and formed the space only according to the designer’s idea. Rounded corners, walls and furniture create a futuristic space that belongs to the realm of fantasy and dreams.NY furniture Outlets can become a perfect place where you will find authentic sleek-shaped high-tech furniture pieces.

 The almost uncanny atmosphere of a spaceship floating in space-time in the distant future is complemented by lighting that adds color and character to the white interiors.

The style is so distinctive, original, and far from everything else that it cannot be combined with any other style except for minimalism. Who prefers this style? A typical hi-tech fan is a person who is passionate about new or, more precisely, the latest technology. In addition to the sci-fi high-tech interior, they admire the excellence of technology and a wide range of the latest manufacturing technologies. It is reflected in the interior with organic, naturally curved shapes of walls and ceilings, including interior fittings, furniture, and accessories. It is to achieve these perfectly round shapes that it is necessary to freely use new materials and revolutionary technologies that inspire enthusiasm among supporters of the style. The high-tech style satisfies our deepest necessity for new horizons. The maturity of modern technologies, in addition to the high comfort of living, also offers the possibility of choosing the properties and appearance of the indoor environment.

Back to the future

The so-called Smart House allows you to set and freely change the light, thermal, and humidity characteristics of the indoor environment, as well as control individual security elements. Style lovers often prefer multimedia control: computers, televisions, radios, hi-fi, home theaters, including perfectly designed sound systems in all rooms, including bathrooms and toilets. Very often women choose the high-tech style because it has a very unusual appearance. The most modern technologies allow you to freely shape the structures of the perimeter of rooms, ceilings, stairs, and, above all, the interior equipment, which is often an integral part of the walls or ceiling. Its creative design in soft, rounded organic lines harmonizes well with the feminine soul. The limitation of rectangular bodies, lines, and shapes in the interior is very interesting and allows you to create a completely unique world, visually very different from everything else.

“Have Space Suit – Will Travel”

Let’s be clear: this style is neither the top ten nor the most popular. It is absolutely different from everyone else and therefore attracts outstanding personalities. Usually, these are people with a mature and narrow aesthetic flair: designers, photographers and other representatives of the artistic profession. Just as a high-tech interior violates all the usual rules of interior design, style lovers go beyond the usual “consumer” profile. They are demanding, they know what they want, and they go for it, despite the surprise and often misunderstanding from others. If someone likes this style and decides to embody it, or at least introduce it into a minimalist interior, this is always a strong personality. A person who does not take into account the opinions of others, conventions and expectations. They choose their path with confidence and inner conviction. They are definitely not ordinary, medium or gray – at first glance, they will stand out from the rest, if not in appearance, then in behavior and expression. The characteristics of the high-tech style suit them: confident and exceptional.

“Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do”

The main inspiration for this style is modern technology – convenience, functionality, and the use of industrial materials. By industrial materials, we mean felt-backed carpets used in construction, bricks, molded floors, or rubber flooring used in hospital halls. These materials have one good property – they are very affordable. The preferred color is jet black and all shades of gray. The interior is full of raw materials. In the interior, you can find large glazed areas, protruding bricks on the walls, metals, and plastics. So forget about classic materials – wood, classic white walls, wool rugs. High-tech style requires a different approach, a new way of thinking, and welcomes raw materials. Walls can only be made of concrete. The furniture looks technical – the shelves seem to move, the chairs have all the functional equipment. Everything is visible: bolts and nuts, levers, nothing is hidden. The design of furniture and buildings is revealed, load-bearing steel columns and supports are exposed in a high-tech apartment. Cables and pipes are open. High-tech is rich in glass, plastic and metal materials. The more metal decorative ornaments, the better, although they do not perform any load. It’s just an addition to the overall style.

Where no man has gone before

However, just like any other style, high-tech has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is ideal for a spacious apartment or a private house and goes well with the smart home system. But among the conditional disadvantages is the fact that it is not as universal as, for example, neoclassicism. Many people in their psycho-emotional disposition will consider it too “cold”, “sterile”, “strict”, because there is almost no traditional decor. It is also not ideal for small apartments with low ceilings and small windows. Nevertheless, even these shortcomings are surmountable through competent and effective solutions, if an experienced professional designer is involved.

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