Winter is the smart yet perfect time to build projects for your garden. Here, wearing gloves while doing gardening is still crucial. Select sturdy disposable nitrile gloves that protect your hand against thorns and provide a barrier against pathogens that you may encounter in the soil. These can also safeguard your skin against possible irritants in case you handle a plant that can cause skin aggravations. Also, you should prepare the gardening tools, from shovels and electric saws to drills and pitchforks. Hence, you can enjoy safer gardening. Here we give you some ideas to help you with preparing your garden this winter. All ideas are collected on Gardening Projects To Keep You Busy And Get You Through In The Colder Months This Year.

Newspaper Plant Pots

This idea is one of the best ideas. Moreover, if you like recycling ideas and useless plastic, these newspaper plant pots are on you. This plant pot does not need special tools. All you need is the newspaper, glass jars, and some basic craft tools. The key for this project is you have to avoid shiny paper. For example, advertising inserts in some newspapers and magazines made with paper and ink may not be safe for your garden. You may prefer to use black or colored newspaper. If you didn’t know you could get health benefits through gardening, check it out on

Build A Bug Hotel Yourself

Build a bug hotel yourself Gardening Projects To Keep You Busy And Get You Through In The Colder Months This Year

A bug hotel is actually part garden art and part winter habitat for beneficial insects, the garden army that helps to keep the bad bugs under control around your garden. Besides, this spot in your garden for beneficial insects is perfect to lodge for the winter. The materials you need are cut of bamboo pieces, stems, twigs, seed heads, pinecones, wood shavings, and lichen. After that, use thick cedar or other rot-resistant wood, weather-resistant screws, drill, and hanging hardware.

Self-Watering Glass Planters

Here, there are big jars that serve as water reservoirs. After that, there is a string that draws the water up through the neck of the wine bottle just like an artificial root. You can cut the tops off wine bottles by scoring a ring around the bottle, heating it with a candle, and quickly dunking it in cold water. You can plant rosemary, thyme, and oregano that actually thrive indoors.

Build Hardscaping

Winter is definitely perfect to create raised garden beds, garden paths, sheds, rose arbors or plant supports just like berry trellises. Here, it will definitely stressful to get these types of projects done when you are trying to grow crops at the same time. But building them as a winter gardening project then you will be all set for spring growth.

Build A Grow-Light System

If you have this dedicated grow-light system, it will give you far more space to start seeds in winter. Here, you can even use it to grow salad crops in the cold months. Thus, all you need for this project are a little space, shelves, and the right lights.

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