If you want to make DIY home decorations with easy and inexpensive materials, you can try paper mache. There are many things that we can make from these papers. From an item for your desk to something interesting for your wall. Even, you can spruce up your bathroom with these paper crafts as well. In this article, we will show you cool DIY paper mache ideas that anyone can make. Let us check them out further below to get more inspiration. Sure, you only need papers and glue.

Awesome DIY Paper Mache Cake Stand

Awesome diy paper mache cake stand


Upgrade your desk decor with these DIY paper mache cake stands that are easy to make with cheap materials. You might see some cake stands in the store with high prices but in this picture, we can get them with little money. Of course by creating them by hand.

DIY Paper Mache Balloon Bowl

Do you need some items to store your pins or other small things? Yes, you can use DIY paper mache balloon bowls. The creator works well with different colors that make these bowls aren’t just storage but decorative items.

Paper Mache Pendant Lights

Having this pendant will never make you upset. It has a cool appearance and made of inexpensive materials. The creator use papers to get this awesome look. Furthermore, it looks so versatile and will never go out of date.

Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon

Look at this decorative piece that works well for your kids’ room. A giant paper mache hot air balloon also teaches your kids about science. Create this with your kids and look how they will appreciate this pretty amazing craft for their room.

DIY Pineapple Craft For Summer

This Pineapple pinata works well to support your summer party. You only have to use yellow paper mache and shape them to look like a pineapple. Just like other crafts, this section only needs paper and glue. However, the result will be so mind-blowing as seen in this picture.

DIY Paper Mache Pot

Put this DIY paper mache pot in your bathroom will spruce up its decor. Though without fresh plants, the faux ones also look awesome. You only need white paper and glue to get this simple pot. Feel free to customize the size.

DIY Mache Paper Animal Head

Paper mache animal head works well for the one who loves animals on their wall. This craft is super easy to do and will not spend a lot of money.





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