Some people might be questioning how to make easy and cheap crafts that also look awesome. If you have the same question, you are on the right web. In this article, we are going to show you mod podge crafts that anyone can make. No need to worry about money. The projects below are affordable. Furthermore, creating mod podge crafts will help you to clear clutter and get more decorative elements. Check the ideas further below to attain more inspiration.

DIY Cool Mod Podge Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Cool Mod Podge Wooden Jewelry Boxes


If you have plenty of small accessories and or pieces of jewelry, these DIY cool mod podge wooden jewelry boxes might inspire you. The creator uses wooden boxes and mod podge with some papers. Sure, it takes only several minutes to make these wooden jewelry boxes upgraded.

United States Mod Podge On Board

Well, we can’t call this a small project but easy to do. You only have to cut some papers with different patterns into small pieces. Attach those pieces on the board by using mode podge. Then, you can directly see how cool this project is.

DIY Tile Coasters With Elegant Patterns

What do you think of these coasters? They are made of tiles and completed well with beautiful patterns. The creator attaches the paper to the tile by using mod podge. You can do so for your own coasters with the same material and same style. Or, you are free to try other styles.

DIY Amazing Mod Podge Bowls

These bowls are interesting and inspiring. Others can make similar bowls and free to customize the patterns. Mod podge works well with papers to show beautiful bowls that are easy to make and affordable for anyone. These decorative accents will beautify your room decor.

Wood Stacking Trays With Mod Podge

Your plain trays can be changed to look awesome with simple touches of mod podge. In this picture, we see how a white tray appears so different after the owner applies mod podge and beautiful paper on it. Try to upgrade your tray look with this mod podge craft will be a great idea.

A Cowboy Hat with Mod Podge

What are you waiting for? If you want to go to the beach this summer, don’t forget to bring a hat. Oh, your hat looks so dull? So, it is time to spruce up its appearance by using mod podge and fabrics. Attach the fabric with a certain pattern to the hat you have.



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