Is your curtain being old? Here we give you the best ideas to repurpose your old curtains into the most functional items for home decoration. You can have the DIY curtain and make a lot of awesome new stuff.

Old Curtain Table Runner

If you have just removed your fancy curtains from your window and replaced them with new ones, then it is time for you to create an adorable and feasible table runner. It is made from an old curtain with basic sewing supplies.

Bed Canopy From Old Curtain

Bed canopy from old curtain DIY Repurposed Old Curtain Ideas For Your Home Decoration


If you want to add an instant royal feel, you can try it by repurposing the old curtain. See this bed canopy, it has a lovely and chic bed canopy having been made out of the old net curtains. The other supplies you need are also wooden dowels.

Old Curtain Into Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is ready to make your bathroom look bigger. Besides, you can also have to enjoy the bathing and toilet area separately. To create this, you will need basic supplies, old curtains,

Repurpose Old Curtain And Picture Frame Floating Headboard

The idea of repurposing old curtains and a picture frame will add more classy and fancy at the same time to your bedroom presentation. Besides, this idea is perfectly friendly that is so cheaply and feasibly.

DIY Old Curtain Apron

It is mentioned as the most purposeful way of repurposing the old curtain. Here, you can create a useful apron from an old curtain with a beautiful flower accent. You can cut the curtain in a certain size, and make tidy it up with your sewing essentials.

Simple Old Curtain Napkin

Here is the other example of super cool and functional use of the old curtain. it leads you t make food napkins. You can put it with a little cut and sew work. Next, just let the napkins from the old curtain show you everything is in your hand.

Old Curtain Market Bag

Old curtain market bag DIY Repurposed Old Curtain Ideas For Your Home Decoration


Do you love shopping? Here is the idea of an old curtain you can turn into a useful market bag. Do not forget to clean the curtain first, then sew it into a bag. Of course, you will need sewing essentials and buttons to complete your task.

Old Curtain Cushions

Need more cushions at home? Yes, it is expensive to buy the new one. Meanwhile, here you can make the cushion by yourself with an old curtain. You can simply cut your curtain fabric to size, lay the pieces together with the decorative sides facing in, sew around three of the sides and most of fourth, turn it inside out, pop your filling of choice inside, and hand-sew that small gap closed. Then, you are done.


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