To give a new look to your home is quite important not to make you feel bored and stay comfortable to spend your time there. In doing that, you don’t need to spend too much money since you can simply do the DIY home decoration projects to refresh your home look. There are some simple projects that will be enough as long as you do the right touches into it. It is recommended for you to give the stand-out one so that you don’t need to do the touches here and there. The complete ideas are down below.

Stair Painting

If you have stairs in your home, then giving the treatment to your stair can be a good idea. Even without any additional touches, the stair has been standout. Imagine if you treat it by simply paint it where you can refresh your home easily. You can apply abstract painting, boho-style painting, or even conceptual painting. Here are the references you can copy.

Bold Stair Painting from Homesthetics

DIY Colorful Stair Painting from Homesthetics

Rat Stair Painting from Fantasticviewpoint

Black and White Stair Painting from Fantasticviewpoint

Black Carpet Stair Painting from Homesthetics

Abstract Stair Painting from Nextluxury

Simple Stair Painting from Lushome

Multi Color Stair Painting from Lushome

Beach Stair Painting from Completely-coastal

DIY Light Fixture

Lighting will be everywhere in your house, that is why having the treatment for the lighting to refresh your home decoration is recommended. You can redecorate the lighting by adding it with several additional materials. Here, you can even decide the theme of the lighting decoration like boho, farmhouse, rustic, industrial, etc.

DIY Wooden Bead Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Yarn Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Tree Branch Chandelier from Homesthetics

Tulle Chandelier from Homesthetics

DIY Bohemian Pendant Light from Diyjoy

Structural Paper Orb Lights from Diyjoy

DIY Tin Light Fixtures from Diyjoy

Book Lampshade from Homesthetics

Origami Chandelier from Homesthetics

Teacup Chandelier from Homesthetics

DIY Grater Lights from Homesthetics

Making Cushion Cover

Cushions are a little thing in your home decoration but can really give a big impact if you treat them well. Not to make your cushions look boring, you can change the cover where you can make it yourself, of course. Or, if making it is quite difficult for you, then you can simply add or redecorate your old cushion cover with the accessories like pom pom, ribbon, or add with a certain character.

Floral Cushion Cover from Diyprojects

Pom Pom Cushion Cover from Diyprojects

Minion Cushion Cover from Thesleepjudge

Felt Raccoon Pillowcase from Thesleepjudge

DIY Striped Cushion Cover from Thesleepjudge

DIY Hexagon Pillowcase from Thesleepjudge

Knotted Pillow Case from Thesleepjudge

Love Pillowcases from Thesleepjudge

Ruffled Pillowcase from Thesleepjudge

Shirt Pillow Case from Thesleepjudge

Patchwork Pillow Case from Thesleepjudge

Watercolor Sharpie Pillowcase from Thesleepjudge

Redecorating Curtain

The curtain could be the other interesting part of your home decoration to give a few touches for your fresh home look. There are some ideas that you can apply to your curtain that surprisingly unique. Take a look at the following images and choose the designs that may fit your taste to beautify your home decoration.

White Branch Curtain Rod from Bhg

Wooden Oar Curtain Rod from Bobvila

DIY Macramé Curtain from Abeautifulmess

DIY Oar Curtain Rod from Countryliving

Rope Curtain Rod from Hgtv

Tree Branch Curtain Rod from Familyfocusblog

Necklace Curtain Tieback from Hgtv

Bracelet Curtain Tieback from Hgtv

Tie Curtain Tieback from Hgtv

Wood Ruler from Hgtv

Belt Curtain Tieback from Hgtv

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