Your wall appearance might be so boring someday. Well, it might not now but later when you already see your wall painting hasn’t been changed for a long time. You need to apply painting ways that are easy and timeless. Of course, it should affordable for anyone. If you want to change your wall decoration appearance, you can see our lists below that show ideas to improve a wall painting. See them and find which one will work well for your wall.

DIY Emerald Chevron Wall Paint

Diy emerald chevron wall paint


This is one of the most common painting patterns that will never go out of date. The creator applies emerald color to spruce up the room. Then, combined with white the chevron looks more eye-catching. This style works well for almost any room in your house.

Ombre 3D Cube Wall

What do you think about this wall pattern? The creator looks so much creative to combine orange, wood, and white to make an ombre 3D cube wall like this. This style works well for teens’ rooms and your library area. We love the color and so do the pattern.

DIY Handwriting Statement Wall

Why don’t you make your wall look like a book? This wall with handwriting statement looks different and of course, will never go out of date. No matter what the trend is, this style works well in almost any season. Furthermore, you are free to customize the messages as you want.

DIY Geometric Walls In Spring Colors

Geometric patterns seem timeless as well. You can customize the colors as you like. This wall painting style is easy and affordable to do. However, make sure that you have mixed and matched it with your theme. It works well for your kid’s room too.

DIY Starburst Ombre Wall

This is the easy craft ever! Look at the ombre wall that shows modern touches. The creator chooses the shades of orange to make this awesome wall. You can make your empty wall look shinier with this starburst ombre wall painting style.

DIY Denim Faux Finish Paint Wall

Do you love denim? This wall pattern might what you want to have. The appearance seems like denim look with simple way. You don’t have to work with more colors but blue. Then, see how eye-catching this wall style for your house.

With Paint Pens

First of all, you need to paint your wall with a basic color like grey. Then, use your paint pens to add geometric or other patterns to them. So coo, huh?

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