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DIY Highly Striking And Safety Cat House Ideas

Cats are cute and lovely. They love to play outdoors and also indoors, sometimes. Besides giving them the cat toys, you should also provide a cozy cat house for them, right? Here we surprise you with unbelievable DIY cat house ideas with great durability, insulation, and safety for your cat.

Crochet Cat House

Crochet cat house DIY Highly Striking And Safety Cat House Ideas


So far, cats love hiding away in the dark confined space  Then, it is a good idea to create a charming little igloo-style bed for your cat. You can do to crochet with basic sc, hdc, or dc technique stitches. Your cat houses from crochet will add a new house collection to cat pet lovers. Do not forget that your kitties will love the soft and snuggly hiding spots to unwind.

Cat Condo From An Old Dresser

Cat condo from an old dresser DIY Highly Striking And Safety Cat House Ideas


Do you have more than one cat? Here you go. You can remove the lower section of the dresser and hide the litter box there behind the curtains. Then, make it more comfortable by adding a cushioned sitting spot to snuggle down. Last, store treats and miscellaneous frills in the top drawers of the cat condo.

DIY Cat Tent House

Cat tent house can be mentioned as an extremely simple idea. Here, a tiny tent made using an old shirt and a couple of wire holders. Moreover, it will only take up about 15 minutes of your time. You will need four wooden sticks, a colorful piece of cloth, scissors, and string.

Cat Tree House

This cat tree house is not an extraordinary natural play zone for your cay yet it serves as a perfectly bold and rustic decoration piece in your home. On the other hand, it encompasses branches for climbing, platforms for unwinding, and scratching posts to keep those claws fir as a fiddle. It is mentioned as an indoor landscape made out of natural materials. Last, a swirl of foliage there adds more to the natural feel. The supplies are a suitable branch, scrap plywood, rope, faux greenery, wood stain, and semi-gloss varnish.

Cardboard House

Look at this cute cat house. It is made from a cardboard box for both the house structure and room. Thus, this cardboard project is so useful to repurpose all your unused cardboard. After that, paint the cardhouse freely with your passion. Do not forget to put good quality food in the bowl for your lovely cat.

Mid-Century Modern

This mid-century modern pet house is initially intended for dogs, but who says a cat cannot get in on the single-story home action. It looks so gorgeous made from plywood for the structure and roof. Then the cozy house features interior artificial grass and a faux succulent bed as exterior decoration.

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