Living in a white box will be so boring. However, it will need a lot of money just to buy wall art made by an artist. Creating your own wall art might become one of the best alternatives. It will save money and improve your room decoration. Use your hand to make some pieces of art to hang on the wall is a great idea. In this article, you might find inspiring ideas to make DIY wall arts for your own white walls.

Display Kids’ Best Project

Diy kid' best project


When you ask your kids to paint, don’t just keep their projects in the storage or warehouse. Display the best of them on your empty wall. Those arts look better to be displayed on your living room wall. The art gives a fun atmosphere.

DIY Beaded Wall Hanging

It isn’t a hard project to do. Even, you only need several minutes to hang the beads. As long as you have made the beads or buy them in the store, hanging each bead in the branch is not a big thing. Feel free to customize the arranging style as you wish.

Statement On the Line

In this picture, we see a white bathroom wall that looks bright and airy. The decorator applies an orange line on the hedge that improves this bathroom decoration instantly. Even, it is only a line but gives a great impact on this bathroom appearance to look fresher.

Eye-Catching Object

In this picture, the decorator applies some skateboards to the wall. Though those seem unexpected, the room appears more eye-catching. You can do the same way with other unexpected objects. However, make sure that the room will not be messy.

Functional Pegboard on the Wall

Go on with a vintage look with this functional pegboard. The empty wall can be used for displaying other accents like green plants, photo frames, fragile items, and others. Furthermore, pegboards are versatile to put in any room.

Hats on The Wall

Hanging some hats on the wall is a pretty idea. You can do the same way with other hanging styles. Whether you want to arrange those hats in a circle shape, triangle shape, or other shapes you want. Sure, you only have to display your old hats on the wall or the new ones.

Pretty Mirror Gallery

How many mirrors do you need to display a mirror gallery like this? Customize the sizes as you need to create pretty wall art. You might have to buy ten or more.





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