Your bathroom might less attention, but it is one of the most important rooms in a room. Some people find clutter in the bathroom because there is no storage to keep bathroom essentials and tools. What about making bathroom organizers? Well, it is not a hard thing to do. Further, bathroom organizers will change the look of your bathroom decoration instantly to look clean and tidy. Check out our ideas of DIY bathroom organizers below to inspire you!

Rustic Bathroom Organizer

Rustic bathroom organizer


Keep your brushes and combs will be easier with this rustic bathroom organizer. Just take an old coffee cans and cover it with rope by using glue. Feel free to customize the size and pattern as you like. Even, you paint the rope to look more eye-catching.

DIY Pocket Organizer For Bathroom

If you need a bathroom organizer, this DIY pocket might what you need. The pockets will keep brushes, combs, and other things. Keeping your bathroom looks clean and tidy will not be a problem anymore. Furthermore, it is cheap and easy to find.

DIY Cool Basket Storage

Tisket takest wall full of baskets will work well for your small bathroom as well. It needs only one side of your wall. Keep your bathroom tools, towels, or anything in each basket. The design will work for a minimalist bathroom design too.

DIY Bathroom Towel Storage

Wicker baskets are all you need to keep your towels. Hang the baskets on the wall by using a screwdriver. So, whenever you need the towel, it is easy to reach. Furthermore, the baskets also function as decorative accents.

Fast and Easy DIY Shelving

Some wooden crates can help you to organize your bathroom tools. You can customize the color as you like. Arrange each wooden crate on the wall. Then, put on your towels, combs, or other things in each wooden crate.

Hanging Baskets Craft Project

With baskets and rope, you can create this hanging storage for your bathroom. Put the smallest at the top and the largest at the bottom. Then, put on your towels, shampoo bottle, soap bottle, and others in each basket. This DIY craft will not cost much. You can use the old baskets that are not used anymore.

Plant Holders Repurposed

It is not a mistake to use plant holders as bathroom organizers. Look at this picture that looks so neat, clean, and chic with white plant holders. Feel free to paint them to get a more interesting look.



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