Our galaxy shows amazing features with more stars. Bring them inside your house will be a great idea. Of course, you can make some DIYs and crafts inspired by our galaxy. It will deal with blue, pink, purple, white, and other hues. Feel free to apply this galaxy style to any element in your room. The one who loves astronomy will adore these galaxy crafts as well. In this article, we are going to show ideas of galaxy theme DIY that will blow your mind.

Marble Coasters Galaxy DIY

Marble coasters galaxy diy


How do these coasters look? Do they remind you about the galaxy? We love these coasters’ styles with unique touches. Having coasters like these will not make you upset. And, those are versatile and will never out of date.

Galaxy Art Mason Jars

Mason Jars are versatile and work well for any DIY project. At this time, we are not going to cut or cover it, but change its look with a galaxy theme. Decide the colors that remind us about our galaxy like blue, pink, purple, or white.

DIY Beautiful Galaxy Lights

What about changing your lamp with a galaxy theme. You can cover your lampshade with paper in a galaxy pattern. Just make sure the paper will not make your room darker. These lights will give a glamour tone to your lovely bedroom as well.

DIY Galaxy Throw Pillow

Well, it is easy to find a fabric with a galaxy pattern to make this mind-blowing throw pillow. Or, if you have more free time this week, you can make the pattern by hand. Tye-die the fabric with blue, red, pink, purple, or any color combination you like.

Cool Envelope Galaxy

All you need is old astronomy magazines. Cut them as many as you need. Then, make the envelope one by one. This pretty easy project will not need a lot of money. And, it can be done even by a DIY newbie in less than an hour. Super easy!

DIY Galaxy Night Lamp

Here is a super easy project that anyone even a kid can make easily in minutes. You have to buy the bulb or you can use your existing bulb right now. Then, make it clear with alcohol. After that, smug the galaxy appearance by using markers.

DIY Easy Galaxy Cuff

It isn’t a hard project to make this DIY galaxy cuff. You need to prepare cuff bases, sponge, palette, spray paint, and nail polish in some colors. Spray the cuff base, use the sponge to apply the nail polish to all the cuff surfaces.

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