Do you think that DIYs should spend a lot of money? No, of course not. We can make cheap crafts for only $5 or less. And, you will get a beautiful result to upgrade your home decoration. Reuse old things and add your personal touches to get amazing crafts. It is such a dream come true to get a beautiful room decoration without spending more dollars. However, you can do so. In this article, we show you our craft collections that you can make for under $5.

DIY Mini Watermelon Bags

Diy mini watermelon bags


Any of you who like watermelons? These bags might so interesting for you. Then, it can be made by hand. Sure, you only need to take fabric and paint watermelon on it. There is no hard thing to do. Even you kids can make these pretty easy mini watermelon bags.

Interesting DIY Phone Holder

These DIY phone holders are nice. They are not versatile but also eye-catching as room decorative accents. Only have $5? No problem. It can be made easily without spending a lot of money. Just take toilet paper rolls, patterned papers, and some legs.

Beautiful Painted Bottles

Don’t throw old bottles away. Those are versatile and good materials to make DIYs. In this picture, we see beautifully painted bottles that function as planters. You can make these crafts easily. Painting bottles are not hard. Even a DIY newbie can do this project easily.

Easy DIY Tassel Garland

Well, you will not get any difficulty making this easy DIY tassel garland. Just prepare some papers, leathers, or fabrics as many as. Cute them one by one using scissors. Tie the center part to make the garlands you wish. Hang them on the wall.

Painted Pastel Jars Pencil Holders

Mason jars are all you need to make these pencil holders. Paint the glass jars with pastel colors. You can do this simple project in less than an hour. After dry them all, the pencil holders are ready to use. Put them on the study desk to boost your kids’ mood. They should do their homework soon.

Super Easy DIY Painted Tea Towel

Tea towels will look more adorable after you change their appearance. In this way, the creator paints the plain white tea towels with simple touches from oranges. You can do this in less than an hour. Feel free to customize the colors as you like. The towels remind us about summer, don’t they?


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