There are many craft ideas all around the web. All of them have different materials. If you want to make crafts with material that you get from a dollar store, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to show ideas about dollar store crafts that anyone can make in minutes. Let us see further what crafts that you can make this weekend. Check out our lists below to inspire you.

Pretty DIY Mugs Using Nail Polish


See these marble mugs that look so pretty with a nail polish touch. You are free to use any mugs you have. Customize the patterns and colors. So, you will have DIY mugs that show your personal touches. It almost anyone can do this simple project.

Stenciled Burlap Candleholders DIY

This project will never need much money to do. You only take your old burlap to make the candleholders. Then, use a white stencil to spruce up the appearance. You can draw a rabbit, cat, or anything you like.

Beautiful DIY Floral Mouse Pad

Are you a writer or someone who spends more time in front of a computer? You need a pretty mouse pad to boost your mood. Yes, it is a little thing but gives you a great impact. Seeing a pretty mouse pad will make you smile anytime.

Awesome Triangle Leather Pouch DIY

Do you love a more elegant piece for your dollar store craft? You need to see this project soon. There are some triangle leather pouches that you can copy. The materials are easy to find in the nearest store. We love the colors as well that make the wall stands out.

Easy DIY Fabric Flip Flops

Upgrade your flip-flops with your own personal touches. The crafter uses patterned fabric to spruce up the flip-flops look. You can customize the color and pattern of the fabric to show your creativity. A tiny button adds an interesting feel.

DIY Pretty Lamp

What awesome lamps! You can get these pretty lamps with less budget. You can use wallpaper, fabric, or other cheap material to create this wonderful lampshade. If you want to have a more pretty look just decide what patterns you love.

DIY Wooden Watermelon Coasters

Watermelon coasters will accompany your kids to study. They will never feel bored again with these pretty watermelon coasters. Prepare slice woods and add the watermelon by using hot glue. Then, you will attain these pretty coasters for your desk.

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