Anyone loves cheap but attractive home items for their room decoration. Furthermore, there no enough time to create DIY projects that will improve room decoration. In this article, we will show you DIY ideas that cheap and easy to make in less than an hour. So, you will be able to upgrade your decor with budget-friendly projects without spending many hours to make. Let see our lists below to inspire you. Check out!

DIY Tiered Wooden Box Planter

Look at these eye-catching box planters that will beautify your porch design. There are three boxes attached to each other. All of them are made of light wooden planks. Having these box planters will give you more space to plant more flowers.

DIY Super Simple Hanging Frame

If you live in a small house or just an apartment, creating this super simple hanging frame might what you need. Fill the empty wall with minimalist home items will create an elegant and modern look. These frames show us that the room appears more eye-catching.

DIY Modern Dreamcatcher

A modern DIY dreamcatcher will spruce up your room decoration instantly. Furthermore, it is easy to create even for a DIY newbie. Just find out more yarn to make the pattern and a ring that can be easily found in the garage sale.

Cactus Ring Holder

It will not be hard to make this cute cactus ring holder. You can use a wooden plank or anything to create this look. Furthermore, it seems more eye-catching to paint the holder in blue. However, you are free to choose other colors as you like.

Hand-Painted Towel

Get this hand-painted towel is not hard. Furthermore, you can add personal touches to it as you wish. Take some stencils and give the towel any pictures that you will love. Then, hang the towel on the wall. It is not just a towel right now but a decorative element of the house.

Rosemary Aromatic Candle

This press herb candle uses rosemary to get a good smell. Whenever you want to switch on the fire, you will gain a refreshing room therapy. Just take a mason jar. Out the candle wax and rosemary inside and wait till they dry.

Beautiful Tattoo For A Plain Vase

Let us have fun by making this plain vase look more attractive with a flower tattoo. Search for some temporary tattoos in the nearest store. Choose the best one for your plain vase. Voila! It looks so awesome.

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