What will you do this afternoon? Some people share their stories with family members, others spend time to watch a movie in their entertainment room. Instead of doing nothing and let minutes go by, it will be better for you to ask your kids to make a craft. In this article, we give inspiring kids projects that will trigger their creativity. Most of them are affordable and easy to follow. Let us further below!

Butterfly From Toilet Paper Roll

Rather than throwing away an unused toilet paper roll, it will be nice to recycle it for another purpose. This picture shows us a cute butterfly with pastel colors that so beautiful. The kids will enjoy doing this project because it is not a hard thing to do.

Cool Sticker Name

Improve your kids’ motor skills by doing this simple project. Attach each circular sticker one by one to the name written. It will be nice to write down their name. So, they will feel that this project is made for them.

Water Color Pasta Jewelry

SourceLook at this awesome necklace with colorful touches. The creator applies various colors to spruce it up. This tactile craft is not hard to copy as long as your kids love to do a DIY project. Further, you don’t have to spend more money to get this amazing craft.

Fun Sunburst Project

What do you from this picture? The kids will love to do this project and spend more hours quite. They love colors and this project lets them add various color variations. Ask them to create a sunburst, sunflower, firework, or others.

Cute Eggs Cartoon Crab

See how cute this crab is. The kids will love to make it this afternoon as well. Moreover, the materials used are easy to find and affordable. They only have to cut a part of the eggs cartoon and paint it in red or any color as they like. Then, attach the legs and eyes.

Amazing Snowflake From Popsicle Sticks

These snowflakes are not just simple crafts but beautiful home accents. You can use these for winter decoration. Take some popsicle sticks and attach them using glue. Shape into snowflakes look. Add glitters and other accessories needed to get them more attractive.

Awesome Finger Art

This fingerprint looks so artistic. Creating this project will not make your kids feel under pressure. They only have to use their own fingers to make the flowers and leaves and branches. Isn’t it cool?

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